Announcement No.5, 2011 of Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China

  • Type : Regulation
  • Release Date : 2011-02-28

In accordance with provisions of Administrative Permission Law of the People’s Republic of China, Measures for Administration on Crude Oil Market, and Measures for Administration on Oil Product Market, the Ministry of Commerce hereby, after examination, grants the qualification of crude oil warehousing business to PetroChina International (Guangxi) Co., Ltd and Penglai Anbang Petroleum Co., Ltd., grants the qualification of oil product wholesales business to subsidiaries of PetroChina Company Limited including Shangdong (Haiyang) Marketing Company, Tibet (Nyingchi) Marketing Company, Tibet (Nakchu) Marketing Company, Tibet (Shannan) Marketing Company and Tibet (Shigatse) Marketing Company, Beijing Jingyuan Xincheng Petrochemical Co., Ltd, Deqing Petrochemical Co., Ltd subsidiary to CGCG, Laiyang Oriental Investment Co., Ltd, Linhongwei Petrochemical Co., Ltd in Dai County of Shanxi, Hunan Minglun Petrochemical Co., Ltd, and Guangdong Jinjing Energy Resources Co., Ltd, the qualification of refined oil storage business to Tibet Marketing Company of PetroChina Company Limited, Guangdong Shidong Industry Group, Dongguan Evergrowing Terminal Co., Ltd, PetroChina (Xiamen) Harbor Service Co., Ltd and Guangdong (Heyuan) Gangli Petroleum Industry Co., Ltd, and revokes the qualification of oil product warehousing business granted to Haiyang Oil Products Distribution Co., Ltd. 

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