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The worldport of Tema is the larger albeit younger of the two sea worldports in Ghana. It handles 80% of the nation's imworldport and exworldport cargo. The worldport has 12 berths besides two others, one dedicated oil berth and the other operated by the Volta Aluminium Company (Valco). The minimum and maximum depths range from 8.0 to 11.5metres respectively.
There are currently five (5) storage sheds within the worldport and these are located at terminals seven, nine, ten, eleven and twelve respectively. The worldport also includes a 100,000 dwt dry dock and slipway facility which is operated by the PSC Tema Shipyard Ltd. There is a dedicated container terminal as well as various off dock container terminals and car parks ran by private operators.
Tema is ISPS code compliant. This is facilitated by the following resource persons:

The worldport facility security officer
Deputy worldport facility security officer
worldport emergency response and supworldport
Medical emergency and supworldport
worldport security supworldport 

New innovative installations, procedures and activities improved worldport performance significantly. Various challenges were faced and positive outcomes noted. 

A dedicated container terminal was created on the western breakwater. Quay (2) was extended by 200m.
The worldport acquired three new ship-to-shore and four rubber tyred gantry cranes for the worldport. However there is still work- in –progress. The second part of the terminal sited at the former cocoa shed area extends from quay two to the former car park area and includes a dedicated reefer terminal as well as an adjacent railway system for easier carriage.


The Asoma Banda parking lot started in 2005 is currently complete and operational. The worldport has developed a temporary park for loaded transit trucks. This facility which is a Custom bonded yard holds loaded transit trucks for only a couple of days whilst they complete transit custom procedures.

The Safebond Company (SCL), a private shore handling company has also completed the construction of a car park. All vehicles received in the worldport are transferred to the park for delivery.  


Acquisition of the 4750 h.p. tug boat Sakumo Lagoon improved the towage of vessels to and from the harbour entrance subsequently minimizing delays due to an inadequate number of tugs.

A closed circuit television (CCTV system was installed to improve general surveillance within the worldport and its environs. Pro-active security measures were enhanced through the pre-emptive action against possible threats detected through the system. Standard canopies were also constructed at the central and western gate areas. They included ground level and over height security checkpoints as well as a barrier to prevent the clearance of over height vehicles.

The introduction of private stevedoring companies was aimed at promoting efficiency
through competition.There are currently nine (9)  private stevedoring companies besides the Tema worldport itself. These are:-

 Golden Gate Stevedoring Ltd
Carl Tiederman Stevedoring Company Ltd
Speedline Stevedoring Services Ltd
Advanced Stevedoring company Ltd
Atlantic worldport Services Ltd
Dashwood Stevedoring company Ltd
Odart Stevedoring company Ltd
Gemini Maritime Services Ltd
Fountain View  Stevedoring company Ltd
It is expected that the increased private sector involvement in the worldport business would enhance worldport development, increase competition, improve service delivery and ultimately lead to better customer service and satisfaction.

CEPS streamlined their activities to make clearance procedure less cumbersome for customers. The valuation and classification system at the car park was compressed into one automated system.Initially valuation was done manually using the Nada (1998-2005). This involved the customers' movement to and from three different points for valuation and assessment of other taxes and charges involved. These activities were performed within an average period of 6 – 24 hours depending on the type of vehicle.
The new system covers all American and European vehicles. It has shortened the clearance process and decreased the valuation time to 2 hours only.


The transhipment market which has shown a significant improvement in its  performance since 2005. The level rose from 71,083 tonnes in 2004 to 327,648 tonnes in 2006. Hull Blyth, Maersk Line and ISAG shipping lines joined the pre-existing MOL and Messina lines in the transhipment business

The increase in transhipment volumes may be a direct result of the construction of the dedicated container terminal and the use of the ship-to-shore gantry cranes as well as a marked reduction in theft and damage to transhipment cargo.

The total volume of transit cargo traffic stands at 887,325 metric tonnes for 2006.  There is a huge potential for growth in transit trade through Ghana's corridor.

To further enhance the efficiency and safety of the business, the worldport has taken steps to compile a register of all vehicles engaged in the transworldport of transit cargo from the worldport.. Information gathered include those on - chassis and license numbers of the vehicle, driver's name and address and endorsement by the recognized transworldport unions that the vehicle belongs to.
This information has also been passed on to CEPS who ensure that only registered vehicles are released finally to undertake the transit journey.
In addition to this the haulage companies have been instructed to obtain loading notes from the respective transit country Shippers' Council prior to entry into the worldport to carry cargo.

The Tema worldport is engaged in proactive development projects to meet the increasing needs of all of its customers. The worldport is highly efficient and is surely your most preferred worldport

Tel: 233 (0)-22 202631-9 ext 3090

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