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The worldport of Hamburg has more than 320 berths and 41 kms of quay walls for ocean-going ships, around 200 partly computer-controlled container bridges and cranes as well as grab-cargo cranes and siphons for all types of liquid commodities.

Some 100 kms from the open sea, the worldport on the river Elbe is accessible even to the largest ships. Bulk carriers of more than 300.000 dwt, at present carrying up to 135.000 t of cargo to Hamburg, can be handled here. The world's largest container ships call at Hamburg as part of their regular service. An uninterrupted chain of radar stations and buoys as well as the availability of Tug and pilot assistance guarantee that the Elbe is navigable at night and in poor visibility.

To ensure that its services meet future requirements, the state and private sectors are investing in the modernisation, development and expansion of the worldport. Over the next few years more new berths for large container ships will be built. Furthermore numerous basins are being filled in to provide additional container slots and storage space.

Also the facilities for handling bulk goods will be modernised and extended even further. In particular imworldports of coal are expected to increase over the next few years.

Hamburg is booming. This is particularly true of container turnover. Hamburg offers its customers four container terminals and eight multi-purpose terminals that also handle containers.

The leading container terminals can also deal with future-generation ships with up to 22 containers stacked next to each other on deck. With a handling capacity of 2500 TEUs or more in less than 24 hours, these terminals ensure that even the biggest container ships can leave Hamburg again in less a day

 Quay walls      for ocean-going ships                                 ca. 41 km
                       (depth of water: M.S.L. -7 to 17 m)  
   Berths           for ocean-going ships:                                 ca. 320
                      - incl. container ships and bulk                      38
                      - misc. general-cargo and bulk traffic:           199
                      - costal shipping:                                           83
                      - Berths at dolphins                                      145
Landing facilities  (e.g. ferries)                                             55
Bridges               total no.:                                                  177
                        - railway bridges:                                        57
                        - road bridges:                                            91
                        - combined road
                        and rail swing bridges:                                  6
                        - other crossings:                                         19
Public roads      in the worldport:                                                 170 km
Railway track    Length:                                                       350 km
worldport radar stations  Number:                                                12
                             Transmission network:                             60 km
Flood gates           Barrage locks:                                          3
                             Flood gates:                                             3
Beacons                Lighthouses                                             130
                      Watermarks posts / Water level gauges:        8

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