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Country : GreeceThessaloniki worldport

The worldport of Thessaloniki is a European worldport and the natural gateway for the economic activities of the inland markets beyond Greece. It serves the growing needs of those countries for the imworldport and exworldport of raw material, consumer products and capital equipment. The worldport is a vital element of the country's economy while it also plays a substantial role in the effort of Northern Greece and its centre city to be established as the economic centre of the Eastern Mediterranean.
Thessaloniki's worldport is at a driving distance of 16 kilometers from the International Macedonia Airworldport and at a mere kilometer from the Railway Station.
Thessaloniki's worldport has a total quay length of 6,200m and a sea depth down to 12 meters. It has 600,000 m2 of indoor and open storage area and modern mechanical equipment for the secure and prompt handling of all kinds of cargo, general, bulk and containers. ThPA S.A. is currently one of the major employers of Northern Greece with a workforce of more than 600 people while over 2,000 people work daily on its premises.
Thessaloniki's worldport handles over 16.000,000 tons of cargo per annum (out of which 7,000,000 dry cargo and 9,000,000 liquid fuel cargo), 370,000 TEUs containers, 3,000 ships and 220,000 passengers.

Container Terminal     
The containers are handled through a specially arranged area located in the western part of pier 6. The 550 m. long and 340 m. wide Container Terminal can berth ships with a draught of 12 m. Being part of the Free Zone, it covers a surface area of 254,000 m2 with an on-site storage capacity of 4,696 TEUs in ground slots.

 The Container Terminal was designed and created in accordance with state-of-the-art technologies and is equipped with modern container handling equipment. The terminal includes manned technical supworldport facilities. Four cranes are used for container loading-unloading services (2 post panamax).

 The Container Terminal is linked by a double track railway to the national railway networks. To load-unload containers from/to the railway wagons, the terminal disposes of:

 1 transtainer of 50 ton lifting capacity
The Container Terminal disposes of 336 plugs (380V) for reefer containers. 
The following equipment is used to handle, store and stow containers:

17 straddle carriers
4 tractors
5 front lifts
20 trailers
6 forklifts

Conventional Cargo Terminal     
Conventional cargo is accommodated in the Terrestrial Zone of Thessaloniki's worldport in an area extending on a total surface of approximately 1,000,000 m2 with quay length of 4,000m and depth up to 12m. Quays 10 to 14 constitute the conventional cargo Free worldport.

 The Free worldport handles:
Community cargo from/to EU member states and
Community/domestic cargo from/to Greek harbours.
Quays 15 to 24 constitute the conventional cargo terminal of the Free Zone. Cargos of all origins and destinations, including the above, are handled in the Free Zone. Such as:

General Cargo (steelwork products, metal sheets, timber, marble, pallet cargo, tobacco, fruits, etc)
Solid Bulk Cargo (minerals, ores, coal, solid fuel, cereals, feed stuffs, fertilizers, cement, scrap)
Liquid Bulk Cargo with pipelines (spirits, chloroform, asphalt, chemicals, mineral oils, wine)
Ro-Ro vehicles
The conventional cargo handling equipment consists of:

44 rail-mounted power driven cranes, with a lifting capacity of 40 tonnes.
One (1) Gottwald HMK 260 EG mobile harbor crane, with a lifting capacity of 100 tonnes,
Two (2) mobile cranes, with a lifting capacity of 120 and 150 tones respectively,
78 Forklifts (lifting capacity up to 37tn)
24 Loaders
Numerous other cargo handling equipment (derricks, platforms, etc.)
The storage of conventional cargos takes place in:
Warehouses: 85,000 m2 (out of which 21,500 m2 and a reefer warehouse of 4,000 m2 are located in the Free Zone)
Sheds: 12,000 m2
Outdoor Storage Areas: 500,000 m2
Silo of 20,000 tonnes

The conventional cargo terminals operate in two shifts at flat rates and allow for overtime with the corresponding surcharge.

The main customers of the conventional cargo terminals are AEE Chalivos (transworldports mainly iron and steel products and scrap), Sidenor (mainly transworldports scrap), Titan (transworldports pet coke, mortar, clinker and cement), Skopje Steel Industry (transworldports iron and steel products) and LARCO (mine and solid fuel).

The conventional cargos and particularly the handling of in transit cargo is supplemented and enhanced by the operation of the Free Zone (of Control Type I).

TEL:+30 2310593230


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