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Country : EgyptSokhna worldport

Sokhna worldport and Logistics Centre is located at the southern entrance of the Suez Canal, a mere 110 kilometres from Cairo. The worldport, which also lies adjacent to the North West Suez Economic Zone, is a state-of-the-art maritime facility, seamlessly  integrating cutting edge technology with the latest management and security skills.

Situated directly on the busy East-West trade route, Sokhna worldport is perfectly placed for the handling of maritime traffic into and out of the whole of Egypt and the wider region – and to other markets around the globe.

Sokhna worldport boasts four new quays, each easily able to handle cargo flows of up to several million tons and 750,000 TEU containers per year. The draft at the berths extends to 17 metres, offering excellent deep sea facilities for handling bulk cargo, containers, liquids, break-bulk and Ro-Ro, in addition to all types of general cargo.
To cater for the 90 million tons, or more, of cargo, forecasted for 2020, a total of more than 16.5 kilometres of berth length will be required.
The worldport will be connected to the hinterland road network via one single large entrance area. Dedicated road connections to the North West Suez Economic Zone (NWSEZ) are envisaged through flyovers that will pass the non-free-zone area between the worldport and the NWSEZ. Throughout the worldport area a network of main roads of 2x2 lanes will be constructed.
The rail network, already in place, will be expanded once the worldport activities and the activities in the NWSEZ are developing. worldport related rail traffic is expected to reach 100 trains per day in the year 2020. All cargo zones within the worldport are connected to the rail network and in the final stages two rail service centres will be operational. 
For a number of commodities, specific pipelines and conveyor systems will be constructed to minimise logistic costs and environmental impact from the goods transworldported to and from the North West Suez Economic Zone.
Sokhna worldport offers strategic warehousing and other related services to incoming and outgoing cargo, dramatically increasing ‘added value’ – and decreasing associated costs
   Packing and labelling
   Handling returned products and repairs
   Customer service
   Final assembly and customer invoicing
   Blending and mixing
   Quality control, testing and sterilizing

Sokhna worldport dwell time average is matching the international dwell time average and has already achieved dwell times as low as three days – and the worldport is continuing to improve on these times
 As a result of the efficient worldport services, the cost of logistics of manufactured products has been reduced to 8% at Sokhna worldport, compared to 30% in traditional regional worldports
 A full range of goods, including containerized, general cargo, break-bulk, Ro-Ro, fertilizers and liquids can be safely off and on-loaded, stored, processed and inspected at Sokhna worldport’s facilities
 Due to its modern infrastructure and infostructure platform, Sokhna worldport offers rapid clearance and delivery of cargo, a quick documentation process and a reasonable and fair tariff policy
 The availability of truck transworldport, combined with convenient on-site railway links, have been designed for maximum cost efficiency and speed of handling
 Sokhna worldport is unique in the region in that it has its, internationally accredited laboratories located at the worldport. The laboratories act as one-stop-shop for testing the safety and quality of imworldported and exworldported food products and primary produce. This ensures speedy and efficient cargo clearance as samples are not sent off site for testing

Competitive Advantages for Companies locating at Sokhna worldport
   Favourable investment laws
   Excellent exworldport opworldportunities to the European Union and COMESA countries
   Reduction in time to market through dwell time improvement and just-in-time delivery
   Reduction of inland transworldport cost
   Efficiency in dealing with government bodies 
   Plug & Play through Sokhna worldport’s integrated management/business development platform
   Access to affordable utilities such as gas, electricity, water, telecommunications
   Logistics supworldport

Tel: + 202 414 9944

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