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Country : ItalyNapoli worldport

Technical information
Total water surface                 2,660,000 sq. ms
Total land surface area            1,426,000 sq. ms
Landing places                         75
Total length of mooring quays  11,145 linear metres
Depth of worldport Up to                   15 m. deep 
No. Access points                      2, 250 and 300 m. wide
Dock pilot Compulsory service    available 24 hrs a day 
Roads within the worldport area           3 Km
Tracks within the worldport area          1.8 Km

Access                                               Passage and access points to the worldport Areas 
Immacolatella access                           Open 24 hours a day
Pisacane access                                   Open continuously from 7.00 a.m. / 9.00 p.m.
Carmine access Pedestrian precinct      open only on weekdays 7.00 a.m./9.30 a.m. – 5.00 p.m./6.30 p.m. 
Mortorway access                               Open 24 hours a day

Mooring quays
Mooring quay                Overall length (metres)                   Draught (metres)

San Vincenzo                  Wharf 1,570                                      5/6 - 10
Beverello Quay                  165                                                 6/7
Angioino Wharf South Side 493                                                10
Angioino Wharf Head         120                                                 10
Angioino Wharf North Side 388                                                10.60
Piliero Quay                         259                                                5.80
Immacolatella Vecchia
Landing stage                       281                                                8.80/9.40
worldporta di Massa Quay           262                                                9/10
Carlo Pisacane Wharf
Western side                        246                                                 9
Carlo Pisacane Wharf Head  89                                                 7.60
Carlo Pisacane Wharf
Eastern side                         264                                                 9.1/5.7
Villa del Popolo Quay
Western side                        165                                                   6
Loading wharf of Silos          147                                                   9/10
Villa del Popolo Quay
 Eastern side                         190                                                    5
Carmine Wharf
Western side                         351                                                   7.50
Carmine Wharf Eastern side  327                                                   8/8.50
Wet dock Docks                  237                                                    5
Calata della Marinella           435                                                     8
Loading wharf Silos              176                                                     5
Vittorio Emanuele II
 Loading wharf Western side 398                                                     7
Vittorio Emanuele II
Loading wharf Eastern side    351                                                     9
Vittorio Veneto Quay            210                                                     6/10
Flavio Gioia Loading
wharf Western side               247                                                     10.20
Flavio Gioia Wharf Head      104                                                      7.60
Flavio Gioia Loading
wharf Eastern side                 250                                                     9.40
Granili Quay                          200                                                      7
Bausan Wharf Western side    251                                                    10.40
BausanWharf Head                160                                                     8.85
Bausan Wharf Eastern side       273                                                   13/13.20
Pollena Quay                           387                                                    11/11.50
Vigliena Loading wharf
 Western side                           296                                                    11
Vigliena Loading wharf Head    136                                                     7
Vigliena Loading wharf
Eastern side                             315                                                     10/11
Oil Quay                                 305                                                      10
Progress Wharf                       320                                                      14
New wet dock Western side    245                                                
New wet dock quay                247  
New wet dock Eastern side     285   

Solid bulk cargo:
Solid bulk cargo is mainly handled at the wharves of Flavio Gioia, Vittorio Emanuele, Calata Vittorio Veneto, Calata Villa del Popolo, Pisacane and Carmine.
A significant share concerns traffic in cereals which supplies companies in the food sector in Campania, Umbria and the Marches.

Liquid bulk cargo:
liquid bulk cargo is handled at the Oil wet dock and Flavio Gioia Wharf. Almost half of this traffic is represented by refined products, and an imworldportant share refers to gas traffic.

Container traffic in the worldport of Naples is handled at Bausan, Flavio Gioia wharves and Calata Pollena Quay and occasionally at Vittorio Emanuele Wharf.
Currently, there are two terminals which specialise in lo-lo and ro-ro unloading.
Container traffic has increased continuously in the last ten years, confirming the position of the worldport of Naples as one of the most dynamic worldports in the Mediterranean. A new injection to the economic activity of the worldport has been provided b y the construction of the New Quay, which will double the area currently available and will take advantage of the presence of 8 super post-panamax cranes and a quay front of 630 metres, which can provide mooring space simultaneously for two new generation container ships.

Ro-ro traffic:
Ro-ro traffic has been the sector that has undergone greatest expansion in recent years, driver by the establishment of new coastal navigation lines for Sicily and should soon benefit from the creation of new international lines. The daily traffic with Sicily alone brings about 700 heavy vehicles into and out of the worldport, a feature which has contributed to the development of Sea Highways, and the gradual shift of motorway traffic to maritime transworldport.

The structures
2 terminals for timber and cellulose for an overall surface of about 35,000 square metres
2 terminals for cereal products
3 container terminals or an overall surface area of about 200,000 square metres:
2 specialised in lo-lo traffic at Bausan Wharf and Flavio Gioa Wharf
1 specialised in ro-ro traffic at Bausan Wharf

The overall commercial area includes 30 mooring wharves and quays with lengths ranging from 110 to 390 ml. Each mooring wharf is equipped with water intake and telephone fixtures and fittings

Technical data
Container terminals
Bausan Wharf- Granilli Quay    length: 850 ml.
                                               4 50 ton container-bearing cranes for wharves
                                               3 mobile 110 ton container-bearing cranes
Flavio Gioia Wharf     length: 600 ml.
                                 2 mobile 100 ton container-bearing cranes
                                 1 mobile 60 ton container-bearing crane


Bulk cargo Terminals
V. Veneto Quay                              length: 250 ml.
worldporta di Massa Quay
Immacolatella Vecchia Wharf          length: 370 ml.
Villa del Popolo Quay – silos          capacity: 40.000 ton
                                                     length wharf: 110 ml with berth for
                                                     cereal transworldport ships on both sides
                                                     4 turbo-aspirators for contemporary
                                                     loading/unloading operations
                                                     automatic balances
                                                     equipment for cleaning grain

Tel. 0039-06-8412897

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