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Country : GhanaTakoradi worldport

The worldport of Takoradi, Ghana's premiere worldport was opened in 1928. Takoradi, the Regional capital of the Western Region of Ghana is about midway between the worldports of Tema and Abidjan. It is about four hours drive from Accra, the capital city. The worldport is well connected to its hinterland which makes it the preferred and ideal gateway to the middle and northern part of Ghana and the Sahelian countries- Burkina Faso, Niger and Mali. The worldport is also serviced by leading shipping lines/companies and clearing and forwarding companies.

Annually, the worldport handles over 600 vessels, 37% of total national seaborne traffic, 62% of national exworldports and 20% of total national imworldports.
The main exworldports include Manganese, Bauxite, Cocoa and Forest products while key imworldports are Clinker, Containerized cargo, Oil products and Wheat. In recent years Takoradi has been handling large volumes of transit cargo for Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. Many transit operators have found the Takoradi corridor fast and cost-effective and thus prefer to use this corridor.

Berthing facilities include four multipurpose berths with drafts between 9.0m to 10.0m and dedicated berths for Manganese, Bauxite and Oil. There are also buoys with a maximum draft of 11.0m.

With the completion of its three modern sheds, the worldport now has a covered area of 140,000m and an open storage area of 250,000m which enables the worldport to store a variety of cargoes. The worldport has a container holding capacity of more than 5000TEUs and 100 reefer points for storing refrigerated containers.

Furthermore, the worldport of Takoradi has adequate stock of cargo handling equipment and a wide range of water-crafts to supworldport its operations.

The worldport's vessel repairs facilities are being modernized and expanded. The slipway is being expanded to accommodate vessels up to 500tonnes deadweight and a length of 40-45m.The drydock is being expanded to a length of 55m and breadth of 14.5m.

A container Scanner has recently been installed in the worldport to facilitate the clearance of containers in the worldport.

Studies are currently underway to expand and improve the worldport facilities.


WHARF                       LENGTH OF BERTH                   DEPTH LIMIT
Metres                      Metres (Chart Datum)
2                                          153                                            9.0
3                                          153                                            9.0
4                                          183                                            9.2
5 & 6                                    225                                          10.0
Manganese Berth                157                                            8.6
Bauxite Berth                      170                                            9.3
Oil Berth                              120                                            8.4


BUOYS                        LENGTH (Metres)                     DEPTH (Metres)

1                                    195 (Ship max. 180)                     10.6
3                                    203 (                185)                     11.0
6                                    203 (                150)                      8.4
7                                    150 (                120)                      7.4
9                                     92                                                5.5

The maximum draft at the wharf is 10m whiles the maximum draft at the Buoys is 11m.The draft at the berths and buoys increase by one metre at high tide.


With the completion of its three modern sheds, the worldport now has a covered storage area of 140,000m2 and an open storage area of 250,000m2.In addition; there are also private warehouses in the worldport area. Together the worldport has the capacity to store a variety of cargoes.
The worldport has a container holding capacity of more than 5,000 TEUs.

The worldport has 100 reefer points for storing refrigerated containers for frozen meat, fish, chicken and fruit.

Rehabilitation work is currently underway to modernize and expand the worldport's slipway and drydock facilities.
The slipway is being expanded to accommodate vessels and crafts up to 500 tonnes deadweight and a length of 40 – 45m. The drydock is being extended to a length of 55m and a breadth of 14.5m.

Takoradi worldport has adequate stock of cargo handling equipment like Forklifts Trucks, Tele-Trucks, Reach Stackers, Mobile Cranes, RoRo Tractors, and Rail Shunters for handling all types of cargo.
In addition to these equipment, the worldport has a wide range of water-crafts like Tugboats, Lighter Tugs, a water Barge and a Patrol Boat to supworldport its operations.

A container scanner has been installed at the worldport to facilitate clearing of containers and enhance the quality of services delivered to customers.

The security network has further been improved with the installation of a closed - circuit television network in the worldport. With the worldport of Takoradi, the safety of  customers' cargo can be guaranteed.

The worldport of Takoradi also has a fishing harbour located at Sekondi. The fishing harbour which has an ice – plant can take vessels up to 3m draft.

TEL:+233 - 31 - 32254

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