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    A:  Tonnage due

• ro-ro vessels (GT up to 10 000) 0.40 EUR/GT unit

• ro-ro vessels (GT over 10 000) 0.30 EUR/GT unit

• other vessels (GT up to 20 000) 0.55 EUR/GT unit

• other vessels (GT over 20 000) 0.50 EUR/GT unit

   Deductions from tonnage due

   Deductions from tonnage due shall be applied to ro-ro lines starting from the 1st  call for each calendar year separately:

• 1 call per week         15%

• 2 calls per week         30%

• 3 and more calls per week 50%

   For  container  vessels  on  regular  lines  deductions  from  tonnage  dues  are  valid  for every calendar year separately:

• 1. - 20. call                 20%

• 21-40. call                 30%

• starting from 41. call         55%

• 3 or more calls per week 70%


   Reefer vessels with reefer cargo get a discount of up to 50% from tonnage dues.


   B:   Waste fee

   Waste fee is levied based on vessel gross tonnage (GT) for each vessel call separately

in accordance with the following rate:

• All vessels   0.05 EUR/GT unit

   C: Mooring charge

Mooring  charge  is  levied  for  each  mooring  operation  separately  in  the  following cases:

• at the entrance of the vessel into the port;

• at the leaving of the vessel from the port;

• at the re-mooring of the vessel at the request of the captain and/or agent of the vessel and due to reasons not related to loading-discharging operations and not proceeding from weather conditions;

• at  the  re-mooring   of   the  vessel,   if   this   is   related   to   loading-discharging operations by different operators within the limits of one harbour.

 Mooring charge is levied according to the gross tonnage of the vessel (GT) separately for every mooring operation according to the following rates of mooring charges:

GT interval  Rates of mooring charges for one mooring operation (EUR)

0 –   2 000                   70

2 001 –   6 000           120

6 001 – 20 000                   150

20 001 – 50 000           200

over 50 000                   250

 A single mooring operation is considered mooring, unmooring or hauling (less than 100  m).  Re-mooring  a vessel from one  berth  to  another  is considered  two  mooring operations. Shifting the vessel to the road with a later mooring to a quay and turning,

is considered re-mooring.

Bunkering  vessels  and  military  vessels  are  exempted  form  mooring  charge,  if mooring is performed by the vessel and port owner has not requested the providing of the mooring operation by the port owner.

   D:Electricity supply and water supply charges

  Plugging the vessel into the electricity system on shore and use of electricity supply –

according to the tariff established by the service provider.

  The amount equal to 10-fold fee, calculated on the basis of regular rates applicable in the   port,   is   charged   for   unauthorized   interconnecting   to   the   electricity   supply networks.

  ater supply through quay systems − according to the tariff established by the service provider.

  E:Fee for the use of port’s auxiliary vessels

 Liquidation of oil pollution  122 EUR/ hour +  fee for short-term use of the vessel


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