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Country : FinlandHelsinki


1) These vessels will be charged according to 100 net tonnage

measurement unit.Tug/barge combinations are charged according to the

combined net tonnage.

Minimum charge 191.95 15990

2) Vessels and pontoons using a private quay will be charged

according to 100 net tonnage measure unit.

3) The following discounts are allowed for vessels:

if the charged amount of net tonnage made by freighters

of one and the same shipping or marketing company during the

first or second half of a calendar year amounts to

– more than 100,000 nt the discount for the period is 2 per cent

– more than 200,000 nt the discount for the period is 4 per cent

– more than 400,000 nt the discount for the period is 8 per cent

– more than 800,000 nt the discount for the period is 10 per cent

The discount is granted every six months at the end of each



The charge for tugs visiting the port on an occasional basis, is

calculated according to maximum length as follows:

length under 15 m       39.55 17319

length 15-30 m        74.10 17335

length over 30 m     98.85 17535


Vessels entering the port area for work tasks or in order to change

crew, without loading or discharging cargo or passengers, will be

charged per 100 measurement unit of a vessel’s tonnage 16.65 15800

Minimum charge 95.95 15925


Dismantled vessels are debited according to a separate charge

on rents for quay and water areas.


A waste management fee will be charged for each hundred (100)

units of measurement of a vessel’s net tonnage 11.30 19000

The minimum fee for each vessel visits is € 170.65 and the maximum

fee is € 1,130.80. 19026

The waste management fee covers the reception and treatment/

disposal of the wastes.

A vessel that intends to use the port’s waste reception service

must notify this to the Port at least 24 hours before the vessel’s arrival

at the port. The notifi cation must report the type and amount of waste

as well as the waste oil tank volume and the port of departure.

For amounts of waste that are exceptionally large in terms of the

vessel’s normal use or traffi c, the vessel or shipping company will be

charged according to the costs that arise.

The Harbour Master may grant a discount on the waste management

fee to vessels which operate equipment, methods or fuel grades that

signifi cantly reduce the amount of waste.

No waste management fee is charged to vessels that the Finnish

Maritime Administration has exempted from obligatory disposal of

oily and solid wastes. If the administration has exempted a vessel from

obligatory disposal of oily wastes only, the vessel is charged a waste

management fee discounted by 70%.

F: Quay and water area rents

Quay and water area rents will be charged per vessel length, for each

beginning month, €/metre/month.

Vessels and boats mentioned in paragraph 6 of the general terms for

vessel charges, if no separate agreements have been entered 5.80 65144

Minimum charge per month 15.00 65953

Dismantled vessels as mentioned in the Vessel Charges, as well as

houseboats, repair vessels and other similar vessels as mentioned in

paragraph 12 of the Harbour regulations are charged according to

separate agreements.

Yachts and similar vessels visiting the harbour on an occasional basis,

will be charged according to maximum length, €/day, as follows:

length under 8 m 11.05 65201

8 - 15m           22.25 65219

15 - 30m          44.45 65227

30 - 40m          66.75 65235

length over 40m   88.95 65243


Charge per container and similar cargo units 23.70 30114

Minimum charge per beginning hour 160.50 30122


Charge per every extra hour

The hourly charge is determined by the heaviest parcel being lifted

during the hour in question.

Parcel weight

Max 10 tons (metric)           166.55 30338

Over 10 tons but max 25 tons   286.90 30353

Over 25 tons but max 55 tons   491.55 30379

Over 55 tons                   581.85 30361

An additional fee for the change of loading chassis for

multi-purpose, harbour mobile and container cranes will be levied. 100.30 30403


Wire lifts: e.g. frame lifts and fl at lifts (glass fl at lifts excluded) 35.60 30411

Ice works, attaching, maintenance and other works for ships for each

beginning hour 94.25 30429

I: RENTS €/1,000 kg/day

C Hazardous substances

Classifi ed according to treaties of IMDG-, ADR- or RID.

Charge in warehouse

Storage period

1 - 3 days                  2.25 45633

1 - 7 days                  4.60 45658

1 - 14 days                 9.20 45674

1 - 15 and over 15 days    18.45 45690

Charge on quay area

Storage period

1 - 3 days                 1.15 44511

1 - 7 days                 2.27 44537

1 - 14 days                4.60 44552

1 - 15 and over 15 days     9.20 44578

The storage period is calculated from the day of unloading till the day of removal.

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