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Miscellaneous Charges

as from 1st April, 2008

1. Fuel

Duty paid or duty free available direct from harbour fixed point or by road tanker. Contact the Harbour Office for further details. 


2. Weighbridge Charges

(a) Vehicle single weigh (inc VAT) per weigh £7.00

(b) Vehicle for shipment or taxation purposes (inc VAT) per weigh £8.00

(c) Cargo weighing per tonne £0.19


3. Water Charges

(a) Supplied for Fishing Vessels per tonne £1.78

(b) Supplied for all other Vessels per tonne £1.90


4. Mooring / Unmooring parties

(a) Monday - Friday (0800 - 1700) excluding public holidays per man £12.00

(b) All other times outwith 4(a) per man £24.00


5. Link Span

Minimum charge per hour £64.80


6. Gangway

per day £27.32


7. Slipway (Hard Ramp) (inc VAT)

per day or part thereof £10.00


8. Waste Disposal (other than fishing vessels & pleasure craft)

per vessel arrival £18.00


9. Security

When required under the ISPS Code per man per hour £11.59

As above for supervisor per man per hour £16.74



1. Owners /Skippers who wish to make use of the slipway facilities situated at the north west corner of the Inner Harbour are required to register their bookings in advance, giving the Harbour Master as much notice as possible. In an emergency, Owners / Skippers may, providing it is clear of other vessels and safe to do so, put their vessels onto the slipway, having informed the Harbour Master of their intentions.

2. Please note that the Trust’s Terms and Conditions apply.

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