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Remarks on Credibility Levels and Credibility Scores:
  • There are six levels (from one star to six stars) of credibility system. The lowest level is One-Star and the highest is Six-Star. Six-Star is the highest credibility level. ShippingChina members with Six-Star credibility will get the maximum of service and benefits from us.
  • Credibility levels are based on credibility scores. We give credibility scores according to the frequency and quality of members’ on-line activities and our website appraisal system. With members’ credibility level improving, their LanWang scores also increase. If your credibility level reaches Four-Star, you will earn double scores. This credibility system is only for our registered members and serves as management and supervision system for website members.
  • Credibility scores at different credibility levels: One-Star level equals to 100 scores. Two-Star level equals to 1, 000 scores. Three-Star level equals to 2,000 scores. Four-Star level equals to 4, 000 scores. Five-Star level equals to 12, 000 scores. Six-Star level equals to 36, 000 scores. Six-Star members’ credibility score will keep increasing, but the credibility level will stay the same.
  • You will get 500 credibility scores for the first register and will get another 1,550 credibility scores after being authenticated by us. The total 2,050 scores will make your credibility level Three-Star.
  • You will get 1 score for the first login every day, will lose 4 scores for zero login within a whole week. The member’s account will be closed for zero login within six months.

In case your credibility scores are lower than 100, you will lose your membership and cannot perform members’ rights. However, if you still keep logging in to the website with no harm activities, the credibility score rules will continue to be effective to you.

Remarks on Member's Rights on Website Columns and Score Regulation
  • Score Ranking and Credibility Ranking are adopted to encourage and manage members’ on-line activities.
  • All member activities are related to scores. Some activities gain scores and other activities consume scores.
  • Scores could be exchanged for souvenirs or free advertisement on our website.
  • You can get 200 scores after registration. You will be given 50 scores additionally if you also complete the company information. Upon confirmation of your information by us, another 150 scores will be given to you again.
  • You will get 5 scores for the first login every day, will lose 20 scores for zero login within a whole week. For zero login within six months, your scores will be deducted and your account will be closed (This punishment is exempted upon some special user applications).
  • We establish the supervision system to prevent activities violating law and moral. We will award scores to members who report these illegal actions. The score awards include scores and credibility levels.
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