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Members' Rights

What can a member do?

As register member of ShippingChina.com, you have access to all columns on en.shippingchina.com. Our recommended programs for members include Shipping Mart, Freight Forwarder, Ship Owner and Ship Agent Contact List, Business Information, Partner Seeking and Freight Rate Information.

Shipping Mart, as a special alliance of ShippingChina.com, consists of more than 120 top freight forwarders/NVOCCs from Chinese ports. As our member you can get those associated companies’ contact information for free. The database program of freight forwarder, ship owner and ship agent contain thousands of companies contact information in China and are very helpful for developing Chinese market. Business Information contains informed marketing message like special freight rate and advanced transportation services in certain market or field, and can help you analyze Chinese market trend and features. Partner Seeking releases companies’ cooperation intention, you can identify strategic business partners here. Freight sector includes Freight of FCL, LCL, and Break-bulk. It helps you obtain idea on freight rate in China to save your transportation cost in China.

Why should applications be approved?

Member scanning process is very important, especially for B2B network like us. We need to make sure every business member are qualified to become our member, so we can maintain the quality of our business flow, information flow and cargo flow.

How do I release my comments and complaints?

If you have any comments or complaints on our website or service, please contact Lucy Bee at WIFFA@QQ.COM or call us at 86-411-82817405.

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