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Registration & Login

How do I register to be a member?

First, click the "Sign Up" button at the right top of webpage. Second, after filling every empty space and reading terms of agreement, click "Agree" to complete the registration.
1. Pay attention to each requirements and prompt messages, otherwise, you need to refill.
2. Please be sure to complete the information with "*", otherwise, you can not register successfully.

Why can't I log in successfully?

If you can not log in successfully, please check whether your ID and password is right, whether you press "caps lock", and try again. If you still can not log in, please contact online customer service or send email to us.

How do I modify the password?

After entering the member office, click the "COMPANY INFORMATION" and then click the "Modify Password" on the left side of webpage, click "Submit" to finish the modification.

What can I do when I forget my user name?

If you forget your ID, please contact the online customer service and provide your original registeration information. We will send the ID to you by email.

What can I do when I forget my password?

1. Click on 'Forget Password' on top of any page.
2. Fill in your user ID, then click on 'Submit'.
3. Check the email address used when you register. You will find your password from us.

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