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Foshan Yanghang Int'l freight co.,ltd). is an international logistics agent whose headquarters is in HK, which provides services including transport of container,LCL,international air transport ,sea,land and air coordinated transport ,China and HK transport,loading and unloading the storage,doing customs declaration,doing declaration of inspection,the insurance of goods transport and import and export,etc. It is the synthetical international logistics enterprise which owns overall services and ourstanding characterics in the south area of China.It also has its own branch organizations and agency in HK,Shenzhen and all over the world. We have signed contracts with many shipping companies,such as CSCL,MSC,OOCL, WANHAI,ZIM,HANJIN,COSCO,etc.We also have good business relationship with them.So we can get more favourable price for our clients.Besides these,we can provide our clients the service of LCL from Foshan , Guangzhou or Shenzhen.We do the export documents for our clients including FORMA/CO,commodity inspection, Certificate of Fumigation,custom clear and so on. Blue Whale International logistics (HK) Ltd(Foshan Yanghang Intl freight co.,ltd)., rises its service from all kinds of sea transport in order to improve synthetical service quality and find the winwin junction point between logistics enterprise and the clients.We make our service a good saler by low profits and good faith.At the same time,we try our best to get favourable transport fee,so that we can make the enterprise reduce the logistics cost and get clients's trust by good faith.Many years’ had working let us accumulate a lot of experience of transport.We focus on the future.Now,we are exploring our business all over the world and provide on line service for our clients.The staff of Blue Whale devote themselves to the transport business with the spirit of development and work respect.We are confident that we can provide high effective,excellent and favourable service for you. We devote to the transport service .We are sure that we will provide our clients the most favourable transport fee,the most considerate service.Trying our best to provide our clients one line service by higher effcection and ,more excellent quality.At the same time,we also desire to get your support and coorporation. We keep our promis as followings:safty+high quality +reliability Big quantity can apply for special price.If you can give us a reliable quanlity of goods,we can apply the price for your satisfaction