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From Experience we know that identifying the best combination of Service and Rate to meet each clientís specific need is the first step in the forwarding process. Too often a forwarder can only offer one or 2 options, neither of which are really suitable.

One huge advantage we have over our competitors is total freedom in our advice - a multinational MUST use their company office in every instance - we have the benefit of being able to offer the BEST option, not our ONLY option.

Each year we invite the major forwarders and shipping lines to tender for those parts of our business that they feel most capable of handling particularly well. That being the case we end up with a ìBasketî of very competitive options that we can offer our clients. In that way a smaller client can enjoy the benefits and buying power of a much larger organisation.

We also utilise our own contacts where appropriate to handle shipments requiring special attention. This service is invaluable to clients setting up new lines of communication and distribution.

We can provide a Consolidation Service for you where you simply have all your suppliers deliver direct to either our depot or our overseas agent’s depot. From there we will consolidate into one Container or one Airfreight consol. Through this process we will update you on what has arrived into store to allow you to check off purchase orders and update you on space remaining so you have the ability to add more orders to maximise the space in your consolidation.

We offer each client their own tailored "Rate estimator software" - this allows a client to accurately calculate the landed cost of a shipment by merely entering 2 pieces of information - weight and cubic measurement. This effective tool eliminates the need to manually calculate the viability of freighting a shipment, and allows accounts personnel to quickly verify accuracy of a forwarders final invoice