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CHINA COMMERCE INT’L SHIPPING & TRADING CO., LTD. is approved by China Customs, Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Communications as a professional logistics company in domestic China. Our core businesses are as the agents, import and export customs, inspections, land-carriage, warehouse, factory logistics, bonded warehouse, international multimodal transport, cargo imports and exports, technique imports and exports, logistics consultant and investment, advertisement and media, etc. Our company can provide the clients of the complete sales and transportation service, our company is a comprehensive , industrialized and international company, we enjoy a very good reputation in the domestic and abroad area. Since our company’s foundation, we specialize in the business of the import and export transportation by container, bulk cargo transportation, ro/ro shipping , liquid and chemistry transportation, air freight, sea-rail transportation and vessel article trade. At present, our company, enjoying the good reputation, has established a very good and close relationship with the liner ship companies from domestic and abroad. We have ever managed total 166 bulk vessels, 156 ro/ro ships,32 inland trade vessels, so as to provide the good quality and fair price global ocean transportation service. We will always take “our service in every possible way, cargo in everywhere” as our service tenet, and “developing the domestic and abroad transportation career” as our exploitation principle, and we also regard “flourishing the international trade and expedite the economic development” as our task, we aspire to try hard in the global economic flourish and the development of international ship and trade.We provide our customers from domestic and abroad of our efficient, good quality, convenient, prompt and safe service with multi visual angles and solid service.

We carry the ocean transportation of various special typed cargos, such as various special typed vehicles, buses and engineering vehicles (stirrer, dump truck, tractor, road roller and etc.), some overweight and overlong cargos, dangerous cargos. Our main sailing routes are as follows: South-east Asian, Red Sea (Hodeida, Sudan, Jeddah, Aqaba); Persian Gulf (Dubai, Karachi, Damman, Bandar Abase, Doha); Mediterranean Sea (Alexandrian, Katakia, Tartous, Constantsa ); Europe (Rotterdam, Hamburg); Africa (Lagos, Tema, Algiers, Mombasa,DAR ES SALAAM); Middle? South America lines. Should you have any special typed cargos for the ocean transportation, please contact us directly by phones and fax. Through many years development, Chinese auto enterprises have possessed very large scale and production level, their export is increasing largely every year. Our company is one of the first logistic company doing the business of auto vehicle transportation. We have accumulated many years experiences in Ro/Ro shipping, skeletal container service, and bulk cargo service. We have a very close and long term cooperation relationship with the domestic vehicle manufacturers and traders and also a good relationship with the first-class carriers in the world such as COSCO, China Ocean Group, Eukor, NYK, HOEGH AUTOLINERS AS, WWL, K-line, MOL and so on. Our company ever successfully carried the various light pick-up cargo, minitype vehicle, heavy cargo and big construction vehicle, the complete vehicle and the knocked-down parts.

With all our hearts, and more than 10 years professional experiences, we would like to provide our first-class ro/ro shipping service to the auto enterprises, engineering and mechanism enterprises, farming mechanism enterprises and relevant import and export enterprises.

Our main sailing routes are as follows:
Bi-monthly RO/RO Shipping service from China to Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea
Monthly RO/RO shipping service from domestic to Middle-East Persian Gulf (including the service of the transshipped cargo from Singapore to South-east Asia)
Regular Liner service from domestic to Europe and the transshipped cargo service from the basic ports of Europe to West Africa and East Europe, Poland, Russia, etc.
Monthly RO/RO shipping service from domestic to South America in both east and west coast.
Monthly RO/RO service from domestic to Russia.