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Latin America Caribbean Air Transport Association says EU carbon tax illegal

Jun 13, 2011 Logistics

CALLS from the Latin America and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA) have joined the worldwide outcry from the aviation sector to reject the EU-Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) that would tax aircraft carbon emissions.

"The impending EU-ETS is an illegal, flawed, unjust attempt to force the aviation industry to concede to unilateral and biased measures to the benefit of European carriers [and] threatens to negatively affect the region's carriers and cost them hundreds of millions of dollars over the first few years of implementation."

ALTA executive director Alex de Gunten said the EU-ETS exceeds EU regulatory authority and discriminates in favour of European carriers, reported American Shipper. He also said the industry has cut emissions roughly in half per passenger per mile over the last 30 years

ALTA member airlines, he said, have invested more than US$30 billion over the last five years on environmentally friendly aircraft, resulting in one of the youngest and most fuel efficient fleet with an average age of 7.9 years.