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OWL wins award from US Commerce Department for export excellence

Jun 13, 2011 Shipping

OWL (Ocean World Lines), a unit of Pacer International, has received the President's "E" Award for outstanding contribution to American exports from the US Department of Commerce, the company announced.

The recognition is the most prestigious award given by the US Government to companies facilitating exports and contributing to national job growth and competitiveness.

The award was presented recently to OWL and freight forwarding unit, RF International by Commerce Secretary Gary Locke in a ceremony in Washington DC on May 16. OWL was among 27 American companies receiving honours.

"Exports are a key driver of America's economic recovery," said Secretary Gary Locke. "President Obama's National Export Initiative (NEI), which aims to double US exports by 2015 in support of several million American jobs, is a robust, forward-looking trade agenda with an emphasis on domestic job growth. Ocean World Lines and RF International are being honoured for making significant contributions toward fulfilling that agenda."

OWL runs a nationwide seminar series created to help educate exporters about the requirements for conducting trade within the country and globally. The company's CEO, Dan Gardner, said receiving the "E" Award underscores OWL's mantra and commitment to export education: Logistics Excellence Through Applied Learning.

"This emphasis on education and training has not only allowed OWL to create jobs for its own staff, but these efforts have directly impacted job creation in the thousands of companies to which we provide export services."