Terms of Agreement
Please review the following terms.
1. Acceptable terms to the first page of the website means you agree to enter Shippingchina.com Thai software programs with its own precision Ltd. (China International Maritime Network) to make this agreement, also you will be bound by the terms and conditions of the agreement. China international maritime network can be changed at any time to determine "terms." If the "terms" of any change in China's international shipping network will be published on its website a notice to inform you. If you do not agree to changes related, we must stop using "service." The revised "articles" on the Web by the China International Ocean Shipping, will automatically take effect immediately. You download or continue to use the term "services" will mean you accept the revised "clause." Unless otherwise explicitly stated, that any "service" to expand or enhance the functions of the new contents of this agreement are subject to constraints. Unless authorized by the China International Ocean Shipping Network senior management to sign a written agreement, this Agreement shall be amended to make.

2. Shippingchina.com users use the "services" in accordance with relevant legal purposes only enter into a legally binding agreement to use the person or company. Therefore, you must be 18 years of age or more, before they can use this service. If it does not comply with these conditions, please do not use "services." China International Ocean Shipping network will be able to determine at any time to any person refusing to provide "services." "Service" was not available to temporary or permanent suspension of eligibility China International Ocean Shipping network members.

3. Reservation fees in accordance with paragraph 1 of the company to inform you, a "service" fees. You have transactions, or paid services to the companies to obtain access to all of the company's server and the total amount of taxes. and all hardware, software, services and other costs are paid for you. Reservations not required to give notice to the company in this situation, temporarily or permanently alter or discontinue some or all of the "services" of their rights.

4. China International Ocean Shipping Web sites only as a transaction user identified only as a trading company website target consultations on trade in goods and services, trade-related services and access to various locations. However, the company can not control the quality of the goods involved Stock Exchange, safety or legality, the truth or accuracy of the information business. and the transaction to fulfill its obligations under the agreement on trade capacity. The company can not control the parties to a transaction will not be able to honor its treaty obligations. In addition, you should note that with foreign nationals, a minor or a person acting on fraudulent transactions to the risk is an objective existence.

5. Released by the business information and customer information "Your information" includes your registration business transaction or to publish information process, in any public forum or through any e-mail message. to the company or provide any other information, including data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, pictures, video, expressions or other materials. You should "Your information" bear full responsibility, The company just as you and published on the Internet and published "Your information" passive channels. However, if the company that "your information" may enable the company to bear any legal or moral responsibility. , or is likely to result in the company? (wholly or partly to)? The company lost Internet service providers or other suppliers of services , or do you not international shipping network in China within the time limit entry or re-entry website The companies will be on their own to determine "your information" of the company to take any action it deems necessary or appropriate. including, but not limited to delete such information. Do you wish that you submitted to the China International Ocean Shipping net "Your information" have all the rights, including all copyright. You confirmed that China International Ocean Shipping no obligation to identify the network or do you decide what information is presented to the company should be protected. on the enjoyment of "service" other users "Your information" that the company would not charge. If your registration obligations

5.1 International Maritime websites registered in China, you agree to :
  • (a) Member Shippingchina.com which contains information on the form for you, provide you or your company's true, accurate and complete information and to reflect the current situation;
  • (b) maintain and promptly update the membership data, enabling it to maintain true and accurate, complete and reflects the current situation. If you provide any untrue, inaccurate or incomplete information can not reflect the current situation. China international maritime network or has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information false, inaccurate, incomplete or not reflect the current situation. China International Ocean Shipping net you the right to suspend or terminate the registration status and information In your present or future and refused to "services" (or any part) to use in any form. If you represent a company or other legal entities in the registration of companies, and your statement that your right so that the company or other legal subjects of this agreement, "the terms" binding.

5.2 registered members, and after the introduction of passwords and confidential register your name and password will be registered members. You have to pay for your members registered names and passwords confidential, You also need to register names and passwords for the members of all activities under the responsibility. Do you agree to : (a) If any unauthorized use of your registration or password members, or any other breaches of confidentiality, you will immediately notify the China International Ocean Shipping network; and (b) to ensure that your online sessions in each end to step in the right direction from the website. China International Ocean Shipping network because you can not and would not comply with the provisions of this subsection for any loss or damage.

5.3 Do you agree on the rules for your information. "Your information" and your web site for the China International Ocean Shipping traded any "items" (refers to all transactions for the law , tangible or intangible, some specific to the various kinds of items, or a right or interest, or certain instruments or securities, or a service or behavior. The agreement "the article" The extent of this word) a. not fraud. theft and the sale of counterfeit or nothing; b. items that will not infringe on any third party's property, or copyright, patents, trade marks, trade secrets or other intellectual property, or privacy, defamation; c. not violating any laws and regulations. or regulation (including, but not limited to standardize on export management, trade quotas, to protect consumers, unfair competition or false advertising laws, regulations, ordinances or regulations); d. they do not contain slander (including commercial defamation) Illegal illegal intimidation or harassment; e. they do not contain obscene or contain child pornography; f. they do not contain the deliberate destruction and malicious interference or encroachment on secret interception of any system, data or personal information of any virus. camouflage destruction procedures, computer worm, time bombs or other computer programming procedures; g. no direct or indirect connection with the following goods or services, or goods or services included the following description : The agreement prohibited under the goods or services; You have no right to include or link or the goods or services. In addition, you will not agree with any chain : in a letter mailed to the large number of random e-mail Replication or junk e-mail or any information relating to the use of redundant "services"; without the other's consent. using the "services" to collect other people's e-mail addresses and other information; or "services" making a false e-mail address, or other forms of identification of the sender or attempt to mislead other sources of information.

5.4 You shall be prohibited articles published on the website of the company or through the sale of the company website : (a) The Corporation may violate any relevant laws, regulations, ordinances or regulations of any goods; or (b) the inclusion of China in the list of items prohibited by international maritime network were any items. China international maritime network were on the list of banned items mentioned here were included in the agreement, they can easily be updated.

6. You granted the company permission you granted the exclusive right to use the universal, permanent, free license to use the right (and the right to have more than the right to re-face) make the right (in whole or in part to) use, copy, amend, rewritten published, translated and distributed. implementation and display "Your information" or its derivative works produced, and / or any form now known or later developed. media or technology, "Your information" into other works within.

7. Despite the privacy provisions of section 6 of the permitted use, China International Ocean Shipping network will be used only in accordance with the company's privacy statement, "your information." The company belongs to all of the provisions of the privacy statement of a part of the agreement, therefore, you must read carefully. Please note that if you voluntarily disclose place in the international maritime trading network "for your information". Other information can be obtained and used.

8.1 business process transaction information released by the business information you provide on display at the China International Ocean websites The textual descriptions, pictures and / or photographs can be (a) on your own and you want the information released by the description; or (b) a description of the information you are seeking. China international maritime network responsible for the content or accuracy of the wrong product description.

8.2 on the parties to a transaction by transaction consultations at the China international maritime websites offer a clear description and back plate mutual consultations. All parties will accept the offer or return sites Internet users involved in the China International Ocean Shipping obligation to complete the transaction. Unless, in exceptional circumstances, Retrodiscal users as reported in your proposed substantive changes to the description of the goods or clarify any text input error. or you fail to prove the identity of customers involved Stock Exchange, the offer may not be withdrawn and commitment.

8.3 The company is not dealing with controversial transactions parties to a transaction and can not be drawn into the trade-offs. If you and one or more users. or through the website with your third party service providers access to its services, there is a dispute You remove the China International Ocean Shipping networks (companies and the agents and employees), because of such disputes and, or in connection with any such disputes on the different types and nature of any (actual and consequential) rights advocates. demands and damages the country.

8.4 knowledge of the company and should not attempt to use other users through the "services" provided by the control of information. By its very nature, other users of the information may be offensive, harmful or inaccurate. in some circumstances, may have a wrong note or fraudulent identification with logo shows. The companies hope that you use this website, caution and common sense.

9. Trading System

9.1 manipulated transactions may fool you agree not to use to help achieve the intent to deceive or associates (subordinate customers or third parties), manipulation and other business transactions conducted by the outcome of the negotiations.

9.2 Do you agree with the integrity of the system, you are not allowed to use any device, software or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the normal operation of the website or Shippingchina.com In any transaction carried out on the company website. You will not take any unreasonable or disproportionately large load imposed on the company's network operations. You may not disclose your password to any third party or share your password to any third party, or for the purpose of any unauthorized use of your passwords.

9.3 feedback you may not take any action to damage the integrity of the information feedback system, such as : The second member of a third party to use your own logo or leave positive feedback; use the second or third member identifier leave negative feedback for other users (data feedback bombing); or the user failed to perform transactions outside the scope of a certain course of action, leaving negative feedback (feedback malicious imposed).

9.4 is not for commercial use you agree that you shall not make any commercial use of data. including, but not limited to, the international maritime network without authorization prior written approval of the senior management staff, reproduced in the China International Ocean Shipping websites to display any information.

10. Terminate or restrict your visit, China International Ocean Shipping network will be able to determine for any reason (including, but not limited to, do you think that China has violated international maritime network Agreement in letter and spirit, or inconsistent with the letter and spirit of the agreement acts in a manner or your time not more than 90 days in your account number and password to download the website) to terminate your "services" password account (or any part), or your "service" and remove and throw away your use and "services" the "your information." China International Ocean Shipping network while its own authority, the issuance of the notice, or the failure to give notice under the circumstances, stop at any time to provide "services" or any part of. Do you agree, Under the agreement any provision for the termination of your use of the "services" can be issued without prior notice to the measures implemented under a situation. and to recognize and agree that the China International Ocean Shipping network will immediately void your account. or revocation of you in your account and the account of all relevant information and archives, and / or prohibit further access these files, or you "service." Account terminated, China International Ocean Shipping network is no obligation for you to keep the account or any related information, not read or send or transmit any information to third parties or you. In addition, you agree that China International Ocean Shipping network will terminate your access "service" to you or any third party should bear any responsibility. No. 12,13,14 and 22 of the termination of this Agreement shall remain in force.

11. Without limiting the consequences of violating the rules of other remedial measures on the premise that any of the following occur. The company immediately issued a warning, suspension and permanent suspension or termination of your membership. You delete any existing product information and your web site to display any other information :
  • (a) your breach of this Agreement;
  • (b) The company is unable to verify or identify any information you provide to the company;
  • (c) The Company may make you believe you. users of the company or the company's website or through a third party service providers to provide services of any legal responsibility. Without limiting any other remedies under the premise that if you found engaged in fraudulent activities involving the company's website. China International Ocean Shipping network will be able to suspend or terminate your account.
12. Services, "according to the status quo" for the company will make every effort to make you use in the process of China International Ocean Shipping websites have fun. Unfortunately, this can not always foresee any technical problems or other difficulties. Such difficulties may lead to a service interruption or loss of data. For this reason, you clearly understand and agree that your use of "services" from the risk of your own. "Services" with "status quo" and "get by" base. China International Ocean Shipping network is not clear at all to make any kind of explicit or implicit guarantee on the marketability including, but not limited to, applicable to a particular purpose and non-infringement and other aspects of the guarantee. China International Ocean Shipping network is not as a guarantee of the following elements :
  • (a) "services" will meet your requirements;
  • (b) services "will not be interrupted, and timely, safe and without any errors;
  • (c) through the use of "service" and the results will be possible to obtain accurate or reliable;
  • (d) you to "service" purchase or acquisition of any product, service, information or other materials that conform to the quality you expect. through the use of "service" and download any material or other forms of access materials is conducted solely by your own, and with the risk of your own. For a while you download any material, any damage to your computer system or any loss of data. You will bear responsibility. Do you approve or from China or from the international maritime network "services" to get any oral or written comments or , not resulting in the agreement clearly states any guarantee.

13. clearly understood and agreed that the scope of your responsibility, China International Ocean Shipping network wrong as a result of the following circumstances of any responsibility for damages, including but not limited to profits. Goodwill, and the loss of data or other intangible losses of damages (whether China International Ocean Shipping net has been informed of such damage the possibility of compensation) :
  • (a) to use or not to use "services";
  • (b) by or from the "services" in any purchase or acquisition of goods, samples, data, information or services. or through or from the "services" to receive any information or have access to alternative conclude any exchange of goods and services;
  • (c) unauthorized access or alteration of your information or data transmission;
  • (d) any third party to the "service" or a statement on the "service";
  • (e) any reason with the "services" of any other matters, including negligence.

14. Do you agree compensation. violation of this agreement by you or incorporated by reference in the other documents of the agreement, or your violation of the law or violates the rights of third parties, which for the third China International Maritime Network and its affiliates, branch, directors, employees, agents claim (including legal fees and other professional fees). you must compensate for the China International Ocean Shipping Network and its affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers, agents, it against such losses.

15. compliance with the law and you should use your "services" and purchased with you. purchase and sale of any goods and the provision of business information on all relevant laws and regulations. rules and regulations.

16. no agency relationship with the China International Ocean Shipping net you only independent contractor relationship. The agreement has no intention form or the creation of any agency, partnership, joint venture, be employed or employed and was awarded with the concession granted relations.

17. advertising and financial services in your "services" or Through the "services" of the search advertising business dealings or communications, or who participate in its promotional activities. including payment and delivery of related goods or services related goods or services, and business dealings with these and any other relevant terms, conditions, guarantees or statement limited to happen between you and the advertisements. Do you agree, For any such business or in the "service" and appeared on such advertising of any kind of any person loss or damage China International Ocean Shipping network without charge or accept any responsibility. If you intend to "services" to create or participate in any company. stock prices, any investment or securities-related services, or through "service" charge or require any company stocks. Any investment or securities-related news and information, surveillance information or other information, please note that China will adopt international maritime network "services" delivery of any such data accuracy, usefulness or availability. or accept any responsibility for profitability. Under such information would not impose any transaction or investment decision made by or accept any responsibility for.

18. Link "service" or a third party may provide links to other World Wide Web sites or resources. Since China does not control international maritime network such sites and resources, you acknowledge and agree that China International Ocean Shipping, were released on the web site on the Internet is not responsible for the availability or resources. without such recognition from such websites or resources or access to any websites or resources, as well as information, products, services or other material that does not bear any of its responsibilities or other responsible. You further acknowledge and agree that For any trust from such websites or by the use or access to such resources, as well as information, products, or other materials to create (or claim to create) any direct or indirect loss China International Ocean Shipping network will not assume responsibility.

19. notice unless otherwise specified. Any form of notification should be sent by e-mail. (China International Ocean Shipping on the Internet) to e-mail address support@shippingchina . com or admin@shippingchina.com. or (on you) to send in your registration process to the international maritime network e-mail addresses, or such other address specified by the parties. In e-mail twenty-four (24) hours later, The notification shall be deemed to have been served, unless the sender has been informed e-mail addresses associated void. Or, The company may by registered mail, postage prepaid, and acknowledgment of the request, You will be in the registration process to give notice to the address provided by the China International Ocean Shipping network. In that case, Vincent day in three (3) days after the notice was deemed to have been served.

20. force majeure due to the company's reasonable control Circuit outside of reasons, including, but not limited to, natural disasters, strikes or disturbances, material shortages or rationing, riots and acts of war. The government, communications or other infrastructure failure or serious accidents, causing the company to delay or failure to perform. China International Ocean Shipping net you not accept any responsibility.

21. China International Ocean Shipping net transfer of the transfer agreement without you agree.

22. You and the other provisions of this Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the China International Ocean Shipping network. you provide the "service" and China international maritime network and replace you and any written or oral agreements previously entered into. This Agreement shall be subject to the People's Republic of China and the law of the mainland. If any provision of the agreement was ruled invalid or unenforceable. The provision should be withdrawn and the remaining provisions should be implemented. Heading terms of which only convenience, does not in any way define, limit, explanation or description of the scope or extent of the provisions. The company did not default on you or any other person to take a particular action The company does not mean the withdrawal of any subsequent or similar breaches the right to take action.

23. Arbitration Association for the or caused you and the company or with any dispute shall be submitted to the Arbitration Commission and China's Dalian city, Liaoning their fitness with the arbitration rules of arbitral awards. any such disputes to arbitration should be separate. not with any other party in any arbitration of disputes are handled. Arbitration in this port city in northeast China's Liaoning Province. and arbitral awards can be submitted to any court of its jurisdiction to enforce. Have you or arbitration for the Internet in China International Ocean Shipping , China's Dalian City in Liaoning, to a court having jurisdiction in the region or do you seek to protect the rights or property of the Internet in China by International Maritime demand any temporary or preliminary remedial measures, including, but not limited to, property, evidence preservation or protection measures.