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Our service include:

1. Freight Forwarding
Freight forwarders could be likened to that of travel agencies. Each freight company relies on the carriers, the airline and shipping lines, to provide the mode of transport. Freight companies merely manage their relationships with these service providers to obtain space and price. It is an industry driven by people not planes and ships. Flexibility and understanding of your customers requirements is what we believe makes a successful freight company.
We understand we are very much an extension of our customer’s operation, an external shipping department in short. We understand that every customer is unique, that freight programs need to be tailored to suit our customers. It is not acceptable to “fit” a customer into our service offering, we should fit theirs!
We listen to what YOU want and strive to provide cost effective and time saving solutions for you to reach your goals. We aim to go beyond providing just rates, pre-alerts and delivery times.
From our experience in dealing with many industries in the past we understand the intricacies about getting your product to store on time and the type of problems it causes when it doesn’t.

2.Sea freight import and export to or fm china
we now have signed the freight contracts both for import and export with many carriers, i.e MOL, HANJIN, EMC, MEARSK, CSAV, OOCL, CMA and YML for USA and EUROP traffics, and continually develop the business from china middle-east, east south.
We have more than 100 partners in almost each country, are able to offer the service door to door in our agency net work both for import and export.
We tailored to offer the suit carrier, rate, even agent to the individual customer to match their specific needs.

3.Air freight import and export to or fm China
Similar procedure with sea freight, but we have good relationship and contract rates with air lines, i.e UA, KE, CA, AC, AA, CO….. Arrange the cargo according to the understanding delivery date, store on time, and leading time.

4. Customs brokerage
Gres not only have contracted extensive experience custom brokerage company, but also have over 15 years experience staff in custom brokerage field to offer the consulting for ever-chaning government regulations, tariff, and client requirements. We have successfully delivered major cost and time saving for offering quality consulting and efficient custom brokerage.

5. Trucking
Gres have 5 contracted trucking companies as partners, which about 400 unit containers trucking serving out current customers and 17 LCL trucking companies respectively service the customers who requestS LCL cargo from or to main sea/air port/rail stations to everywhere domestically.

6. Cargo insurance
The marine insurance offering available from Gres provide variety of options to our customers. Our company has secure relationship with insurance underwrites and brokers. These contracts provides us the means to offer our customers unsurpassed insurance coverage and optimal service. Please call Gres for more information.

7. break bulk and project logistics
Except container service currently, the break bulk and project logistics is serviced by specialists in Gres. Gres has resource and experts to help you move anything in the world regardless the size, weight and complexity whether by sea , air and combination of three. Our people use their knowledge and experience, coupled on a worldwide net work of reliable service partners, delivery professional service and get job done.
Furthermore, we are the broker for cosco, k-line and mol, which will help us to get more competitive rate for the clients.

8. Warehousing and storage
Gres contracted with some bonded and non bonded warehouse to offer flexible service and option whether for dry and foodstuff degree… Re label, chaning packaging ,distribution, QC service are available.