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Sea freight
1.Transport services on full container load(FCL),less than container load(LCL),out-of-gauge goods, fresh goods, dangerous goods and common chemical goods
2.Door-to-door services as customs clearance,cargo withdraw and delivery.
3.Sea transport insurance agent.
4.Tracking feedback service on real time information of shipping cargo.
Airline freight
1.Door-to-door transport agent service of global airline-freighted import & export goods 2.Intermodal service of air,sea and land.
3.Service on customs clearance,customs transit.Commodity inspection,sanitation
4.inspection animal &plant inspection Inspection procedure airport ground operation and ground freight supervision
Transport services on plane charter,fresh goods hang packing,special goods and bonded goods.
Service on goods packing,warehousing,allocation.
Sea transport insurance agent.
Tracking feedback service on real time information of shipping cargo.
Land Transport
1. International and domestic container import and export of land transport,land transport and bulk transport,the Chinese mainland container haulage,bulk cargo transportation LTL distribution set.
2.24-hour's security services to ensure the efficient and safe transportation
3.Vehicle insurance third party liability insurance, Container examination, cargo Carriers liability insurance,comprehensive protection for cargos.
Additional port services
Lifting large equipment, cargo storage, play care wrapped around film,digital monitoring equipment,Reinforcement of dangerous goods containers,stickers risk standard,vacuum packaging, tarpaulin change,difficult large equipment,reinforcement,equipment corrosion spray wax,wood pallets and fumigation-free pallet production,production of wood and non-fumigation boxes.