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  1) Container
  With the international freight agency approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and non-vessel operation carrier qualification approved by the Ministry of Communications, Winspeed Logistics specializes in freight agency of import and export of sea freight to serve domestic and overseas guests and enterprises of the same industry for all the vessels in and out Shanghai port with its line covering every port in the world. Through the Company's increasingly perfected global agent networks, it will provide guests with shipping information, consulting service and planning of whole logistics scheme and extend the import and export transportation business of maritime containers to each inland city in the world as well as the vast inland areas of China.
  2) Special Equipment
  Winspeed Sea Freight has established a business team with rich professional experiences, and can provide shipping, consultation and concerning services of special containers (refrigeration/oil tank/open top/flat rack) for specially required shipment.
  3) Break Bulk
  Along with the rapid development of the Container Transportation Industry in the current shipping world, the Break Bulk Transportation Industry seems to have regularly been out of the people's sight. While as an indispensable supplement to the container transportation, especially to good-sized machine and equipment and bulk material, etc., which can't be transported by container, the Break Bulk Cargo Transportation still shows her constant vitality. Since its establishment, Winspeed Logistics has experienced the complete process of the Break-bulk Cargo Transportation Operation's transition from the dominating status to the assistant status. In the current craze for Container Transportation Operation, Winspeed Logistics still constantly attends and pursues the Break Bulk Transportation Operation. Besides, it will transact the Break Bulk and Chartering business for all clients to meet their requirements on the Break Bulk business as it did.
Air Freight
  Winspeed Air Freight, as an international freight agency authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, also specializes in air freight which provides for domestic and overseas clients and companies of the same profession, and also established good relationship with many domestic and overseas airline companies. After ten years'efforts and steady improvement, Winspeed Air Freight has now turned into a strong and committed professional team handling all range of business. It constantly extends the import and export business of air transport to each city in the world and the vast inland areas of China via the increasingly perfected global agency system of integrated marine and air transport.
  For a long time, in accordance with the company's working style of “The customer is always first”, Winspeed Air Freight has remained unchanged to provide the most efficient and safest service of highest quality for every shipment, so it is widely supported and complimented by its clients and the companies of the same trade.
Inland Transportation & Warehousing
  In addition to continuous development (of sea and air transportation), Winspeed Logistics also bends itself to the development and strengthening of warehousing and inland transportation business that are consistent with the former business so as to establish a sound and all-round logistic system and meet different requirements of every cargo.