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Break bulk service

Break bulk as the main business of Cerea shipping, we use owned vessel and chartered vessel to provide different service between most main ports of the world, and main ports in different area are as follows:
 China---S.E.Asia: provide service to Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, etc. We provide round side service, and could accept shpts to Japan, Korea, Taiwan.
 China---India Ocean: Accept shpts to all main ports across india ocean, Karachi, Mumbai, Mundra, Kandla, New mangalore, Chennai, Vizag, Paradip, Haldia, Kolkata, Chittagong,Yanggon,
 China---Persian Gulf & Red Sea: Jebel Ali, Damman, Kuwait, B.Abbas, B.I.K., Doha, Muscat, Djibouti, Jeddah, Port Sudan, Aqaba, Aden, Hodeidah.
 Europe and Med.: Antwerp, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Iskanderen, Istanbul, constanza, Odessa, Poti, Novorossiysk, Ravona, Genoa, Barcelona, Alger, Skikda, Oran, Tripoli, Misurata, Alexandra, Casablanca.
 Africa: Mombasa, Dar es salaam, Beira, Maputo, Tamatave, Richards Bay, Durban, Walves Bay, Lobito, Luanda, Bata, Malabo, Point Noire, Lagos, Tema, Lome, Abidjan, Douala.
 North & South America: Vancouver, Manzanilo, Bueaventura, Callao, Valparaiso, Santos, Rio Janeiro, Puerto Cabello, Havana, Houston, New Orleans, Savannah, Philadelphia
 Australia and Pacific islands: Dampier, Fremantle, Brisbane, New castle, Melbourne, Oakland.
 Russia: Vladivostok, Vanino, Korsakov.

Ro-Ro service
Ro-Ro services are more suitable for safe transportation of cars, buses and trucks. All the markets are monopolized by few big ship owners. We cooperated with some of them for long time, so that we can ensure enough space and better freight, hope our service could match your needs. Here after are main ports of different area:
1. S.E. Asia: Manila, Kota Kinabalu, Muara, Kuching, Jakarta, Singapore, Port Kelung, Hochiming, Laem Chabang, Yangon, Chittagang
2. India Ocean: Kolkata, Vizag, Chennai, Colombo, Mumbai
3. Persian Gulf: Dubai, Damman, B.Abbas, Doha, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Port Sultan Qaboos
4. Red Sea: Port Sudan, Jeddah, Aqaba
5. Med.: Skikda, Arzew, Bilbao, Alexandra, Tripoli, Misurata, Alger, Tartus, Casabulanca, Gioia Tauro
6. Europe: Bristol, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Bremen
7. Africa: Dar es salaam, Mombasa, Durban, Ludanda, Lobito, lagos, tema
8. North American: Honolulu, Vancouver, Tacoma, s.francisco, l.b.manzanillo, houston,new orleans, savannah, baltimore, philadeiphia, new york
9. South America: Buenaventura, Callao, Guayaquil, Iquique, Valparaiso
10. Russian: Vladivostok, Korsakov
Remarks: All the above ports could accept shpts, but schedule would be adjust without prior notice.

Container service
Based experience of equipment transportation, and as the other choice, we could provide special type container service from main ports of China. We prepared enough special type SOC containers, to cover different requirements of our customer. Now main SOC service line are as follows:
1. China---Korea: accept shpts between Shanghai/Qingdao/Xingang/Dalian and Busan/Inchon.
2. China---Russia far east: accept all kind of containers to far east of Russia ports, include Vladivostok(including fish port), Vostochny, korsakov, Kholmsk, Magadan, Vanino, Nakhodka, P-K port.