IAME 2010: Annual Conference of the International Association of Maritime Economists

Aug 10, 2009

Title: IAME 2010: Annual Conference of the International Association of Maritime Economists
Type: Trade
Country: Portugal
Location: Lisbon
Date: 2010-07-07

Date: 7th Jul, 2010 - 9th Jul, 2010 
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Organiser: ESPRIM

On behalf of Cargo Edições Lda, I am honoured to invite Members, Non-Members and Friends of IAME belonging to academia, industry, international organizations and governments to participate in the International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME) Annual Conference that is taking place in July 7-9, 2010, in Lisbon, Portugal. This Conference builds upon the success of the previous ones that have been held on an annual basis around the world since 1997, even though the first two were both held in 1994.

IAME was formally created in June 1992 at a conference on Current Issues in Maritime Economics that took place at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The Founding Committee comprised by Richard Goss, Henk Molenaar, Hercules Haralambides, Trevor Heaver, Roy Humphrey and Tor Wergeland drafted the IAME Constitution and undertook the preparatory work that formally established IAME. Its first general assembly took place in Lyon, France, in 1992 and the Association elected an International Council to guide its affairs between the required biennial business meetings.

Today, IAME is an international forum for the exchange of research and information among those interested in maritime and maritime-related issues. The Association has over 300 members from 51 countries located in all continents. Through its Conferences, Members, Non-Members and Friends of IAME have the possibility to interact at an international level, being a particular valuable event for young researchers, students and newcomers to the industry since it provides the opportunity to interact with more senior and experienced researchers and practitioners.

Given the international character of the business, IAME Conferences are organized every year in a different country in order to allow the interaction of knowledge at a regional and international level. For the last nine years, the Conferences were hosted in Italy (2000), Hong Kong (2001), Panama (2002), Korea (2003), Turkey (2004), Cyprus (2005), Australia (2006), Greece (2007), and China (2008). In 2009 the Conference to take place in Denmark.

These Conferences cover the numerous areas related to the shipping and port industries such as shipping and port economics, shipping and port finance, maritime and port policies, and last but not the least logistics. The outcome of this work is published in the Conference Proceedings and some of it in the well-known international journals related to the subjects under study: the Maritime Policy and Management and Maritime Economics and Logistics.

The climate changes that have been taking place for the last couple of years make us wonder about the future role that the shipping industry will play. In this regard, the development of sustainable shipping is of utmost importance to the planet. This environmental background and the economic changes that led to the globalization of the world economy has fostered the theme of the 2010 Annual Conference of the International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME) to be “The quest for sustainable shipping and port industries”.

While the word ‘sustainable’ is part of today’s vocabulary, the way it is to be applied to the shipping, ports and logistics industries is not easy as it requires a multi-disciplinary approach. In this regard, numerous topics and sub-topics have been identified to meet this objective and any gap left is more than welcomed to be addressed in the 2010 IAME Annual Conference. Progress in this field, requires the exchange of ideas and concepts at the most fundamental level.

The scientific program of the conference will follow the traditional layout of the previous ones. Apart from the working sessions, there will always be opportunity for people to get together, to exploit networking opportunities, and eventually, to relax after an intensive working year.

We believe that the Lisbon Conference will be one more successful IAME conference, and so we welcome the International Community to take part in it, to discuss and suggest solutions that will contribute to a more sustainable industry and eventually to a more sustainable planet.