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Shanghai----Dar es salaam

Company : Shanghai Puyu International Logistics Co. Ltd..
Freight : 5
Advantage : All routes import and export shipping air transport customs declaration trailer express delivery!
Vessel type : Bulk Vessel
Valid Date : 2019-01-05
Remarks : 全航线空运、海运、整箱、拼箱、报关、拖车.....欢迎询价!
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Shanghai----Dar es salaamfreight released by the counterparts
Freight(USD/M²) Vessel Type Valid Date Credibility Release date Contact
1 Bulk Vessel 2019-07-12 Credibility level4 2019-07-02 Contact details
5 Bulk Vessel 2019-01-05 Credibility level4 2018-12-26 Contact details
45 Bulk Vessel 2018-12-25 Credibility level4 2018-12-03 Contact details
36 Bulk Vessel 2018-12-23 Credibility level4 2018-11-22 Contact details
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Shanghai Puyu International Logistics Co. Ltd..

Credibility : Credibility level4
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Register : 2019-02-25