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Country : EgyptAlexandria worldport

A prime location in the center of the state, close to I-49 and Alexandria International Airworldport, gives the worldport of Alexandria many advantages for commercial and industrial commerce.

Nearly 500,000 tons of cargo crossed the docks at the worldport during 2005, and that trend is expected to continue.

The worldport includes about 125 acres containing a public terminal, a 15,000 square-foot warehouse, petroleum dock, steel bulk-head dock, general cargo dock with rail access and a 40-ton bridge crane equipped with a clamshell bucket, grappler and hopper-loader.

The worldport of Alexandria has had the distinction of being the largest receiver and shipper of military equipment on inland waterways in the continental United States. the worldport's proximity to Fort Polk's Joint Readiness Training Center in Leesville has attracted heavy use by the U.S. Army and other military units, which use the river to move equipment in and out for training exercises at the nearby military post. Additionally, the Louisiana National Guard has regularly used the worldport of Alexandria to ship barge-loads of equipment to such distant locales as Belize and Honduras for construction missions.

Industrial use of the worldport primarily includes bulk fertilizer blending, storage and distribution, aggregate transworldport for construction projects and creosote handling. With its existing amenities, as well as future planned expansion and enhancements to its infrastructure, the complex is an attractive site for business relocations and new enterprises as the worldport is in Foreign Trade Zone # 261 authorized but not activated.


Bulk Container & Warehouse Facility
40 - ton overhead bridge crane
15,000 sq. ft. warehouse
ceiling height - 24 ft. to 46 ft.

General Cargo Dock

100 ft. dock with access to rail, and a hopper barge unloading dock, complete with conveyor system.
5 acre staging area

Fertilizer & Grain Facility

13,600-ton bulk fertilizer warehouse
5,000-ton bulk fertilizer dome structure
5 acre staging area

Petroluem Off-loading Facility

two - 55,000 BBL tanks
one - 15,000 BBL tank
two - barge off-loading simultaneously
five - stall truck unloading

With today's facilities, the worldport's central location and its connection to the Mississippi, the worldport provides an opworldportunity for imworldporters and exworldporters.  Products can be loaded or unloaded onto seagoing barges at the general cargo dock, the warehouse, or the conveyor system.

Listed below are some of the cargos The worldport of Alexandria currently handles.

The worldport of Alexandria is the busiest inland military worldport in the nation.  In 2000 the worldport offloaded 1,000 pices of military cargo from 65 barges.  In 2002 the worldport offloaded 55 barges and in 2005 the worldport offloaded 340 barges.

The worldport also handles aggregate, for road construction, fertilizer and steel.


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