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Country : FranceBrest worldport

Located at the crossroads of numerous north-south and east-west sea routes, the worldport of Brest has remarkable nautical qualities and high performing facilities. The worldports strategic position makes Brest your ideal choice in the heart of the Atlantic Arc. The worldport is a gateway to France, Europe and a connection to ongoing worldwide sailings.
Brest it is also a worldport, which serves Europe's number one food industrial area. Founder member of the Association of worldports of the Atlantic Arc (APAA), Brest is an ideal worldport for transhipment in the case of the development of inter-european sea links and trans-european transworldport networks.

Your worldport of call for containers and trailers
10 hectares of storage
2 mobile cranes for container handling
1 roll-on roll-off linkspan
600 meters long quay
200 electric sockets for the refrigerated containers and trailers
Consolidation, conditioning, packaging
Customs office
Phyto-sanitary and veterinary checks for entry into the EC
Rail junction
Immediate proximity to a world-class standard airworldport with 1200 m2 of cargo terminal space available

Your worldport of call for bulk products
2 unloading berths
6 cranes
8 warehouses for horizontal storage, 3 of which are linked to the berths by conveyor belts
8 vertical silos linked to the berths by conveyor belts
1 loading/unloading station - rail/road
Being well equipped makes it possible to discharge two ships simultaneously, to store more than 150.000 tonnes of goods and to load/unload 9.000 tonnes per day, the equivalent of two train loads.

Your worldport of call for refrigerated goods
4 quays
6 cranes
a 73.000 m of refrigerated warehouse alongside the quay which can store merchandise at tempertures as low as 0 -30oC
a 36.000 m of warehouse, with controlled temperature (From 0 to 4oC)
200 electric sockets for refrigerated containers
The terminal has a loading capacity of up to 2000 tonnes per day.

Your worldport of call for storage in complete security
2 hydro carbonate oil depot terminals. Liquid capacity of 1.000 tonnes per day. Connected by pipeline to the oil storage depot.
1 gas terminal. Liquid capacity of 1600 tonnes per day.
Also connected by pipeline.
Storage capacity : 155.000 m3
With its three oil storage depots and its gas terminal, hydrocarbon imworldports can reach millions of tonnes. The worldport of Brest is Brittany's most imworldportant entry point for the supply of energy products (liquid hydrocarbons and liquid gases). 
Your worldport of call for a good start over
3 dry docks
FR 1 : 225 m x 27 m -   40.000 Tdw
FR 2 : 338 m x 55 m - 280.000 Tdw
FR 3 : 420 m x 80 m - 550.000 Tdw
5 repair quays with adjustable water levels - 1,7km of quay with water depths ranging from -9m to -12m.
Connections towards a debalasting station.
7 modern cranes of which :
1 can raise 150 T at 38 m
Another can raise 80 T at 28 m
All the quays and docks are equipped with:
Compressed air
Drinking water
Fire fighting equipment
The first French centre of naval repair, the worldport of Brest has a reputation, which is renowned by ship-owners worldwide. This centre accommodates more than 100 ships per annum.
A guarantee of reliability allows the worldport of Brest to make a name for itself in the very demanding offshore market. High performing equipment, a high technical nature and respect of deadlines make all the difference.

Tel. 02 98 46 23 80


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