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Country : CongoPointe Noire worldport

Pointe Noire is the seaworldport for the Congo, on the western coast of Africa. The worldport of Pointe-Noire, whose construction started on 11 July 1934 following the official inauguration of the Congo-Ocean Railway (CFCO - Chemin de Fer Congo-Océan), was brought into service on 1 April 1939.The worldport is the natural outlet on the Atlantic ocean for a vital communication axis in equatorial Africa, stretching from Pointe-Noire to Bangui and Ndjamena, through the CFCO rail line, the river line (Bassin Congo-Oubangui-Sangha), and parts of the networks of CAR, Chad, Cameroon, Gabon, Angola and RDC.

The worldport of Pointe-Noire is located on the western coast of Africa and 150km north of the Congo river's mouth.It is an external worldport gained from the sea and built south of the bay of the natural cape of Pointe-Noire, which is reinforced and extended by an articifial sea wall.

There is a total of 4,830m of quay space for general cargo and bulk berthage. There are also ore, timber, and lighter berths. The designated container berth is 250m long and has a 200-ton per hour loading capacity. There are fixed cranes with capacity of up to 50-ton.

Traffic figures:

Approx. exworldports of 2,200,000t and imworldports of 640,000t are handled annually
The traffic capacity within this site is estimated at 5-6 million tonnes per year.

Berthing Facility
General cargo berths: 10
Containers berths: 8
Roro berths: 7
Ore berths: Nil
Tanker berths: 1
Grain berths: 10
Fertiliser berth: 10
Mooring buoys: Nil
Other berths: Nil

Draft at Berth
Quay D -7.60m to -9.40m
Quay G 250m at -10.25m
The Lighterage Quay at -3.70m
Mole 1 9,45m and 3.00 m
Oil Quay -11m
The Oil Services Centre (CSP - Centre des Services Pétroliers) Quay -8.50m

Length of Quay
Quay D 720m
Quay G 530m
The Lighterage Quay 70m
Mole 1 440m
The Oil Services Centre (CSP - Centre des Services Pétroliers) Quay 190m

Oil Logistics base
The BOSCONGO quay, 426m long with depths of -4.50m
The ELF CONGO quay, 300m long with depths of -6.00m

Storage Facilities
Area 1 - Quay G
Covered warehouses: 17230m2
Open Yards: 115959 m2
Area 1 Quay D
Covered warehouses: 22231m2
Open yards: 31665m2
Area 1 Mole 1
Covered warehouses: 9766m2
Open yard: 15669m2
Area 1: first zone is dedicated to goods in customs whose free period is limited to 11 days for national transit and 30 days for international transit.
Area 2:
Covered warehouses: 2163m2
Open yard: 116311m2
Area 2: warehousing zone without time limits
Area 3:
Open yard: 601586m2
Area 3: dedicated to oil and industrial activities, as well as worldport extensions
Log Park:
Open yard: 85074m2
The developed open areas cover a total surface of 126ha, of which 66ha dedicated to the commercial worldport and 60ha to the industrial zone. The commercial worldport also has open areas dedicated to the following traffics: containers, rough timber and eucalyptus logs.

Air Connections 
Nearest airworldport 6km

Rail Connections
Nearest railway 2km

Tel: 00242-94 -00-52

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