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Country : CambodiaSihanoukville worldport

The Sihanoukville Autonomous worldport (PAS) is the sole international and commercial deep seaworldport of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

At present, the total operational land area of the Sihanoukville Autonomous worldport is around 124.76 ha.

The Old Jetty was constructed in 1956 and became operational in 1960. This jetty is 290m long by 28m wide and can accommodate 4 vessels with medium GRT at both sides. The exterior berth is -8.50m-13m depth, while the interior berth is -7.50m -8.50m depth.

In order to cope with the increasing rates of cargo throughput the Royal Government of Cambodia had constructed another 350m long new quay with -10.50m maximum draft in 1966. At present,  this new quay  can accommodate 3 vessels with -7.00m draft medium GRT.

The construction of Container Terminal with 400m long by -9.5m depth and 6.5 ha of container yard was fully completed.



The Sihanoukville Autonomous worldport has an ideal characteristic to protect all vessels berthing alongside the worldport's terminals.

Enhancing the ships berthing performance by using natural islands as a reliable wind blockage. In addition, a solid break water was constructed to block strong wind from blowing heavily against the ships berthing alongside the new quay terminals.

PAS has enough capability of bringing the ships for berthing alongside its terminals in both dry and rainy seasons.

PAS has reserved five tug boats with total 6,600HP to assist the ship into berth. Other than the said facilities the worldport has one more mooring boat and many other experienced pilots who can satisfactorily service and bring the ships alongside with safety.

PAS has (290+290+350+400)m berth length which is numbered as follows : Berths No one & three are at western part of the pier, berths No two & four are at eastern part of the pier, while berths No five, six, seven, eight, nine are inside the wharf. Each berth is calculated for ship of 150m LOA, while berths No 2 & 4 are designed for ship of 100m LOA only.

1. OLD PIER (290mx28m)
Berths No 1 and Nº 3, alongside depth :- 9m to -13m for ship which is under- 8.5m draft.
Berths No 2 and Nº 4, alongside depth :- 6.5m to -8m for ship which is under -7m draft.
2. NEW WHARF (350m)
Berth No 5 (Western part), alongside depth: -8m for ship which is under -7m draft.
Berth No 6 (Eastern part), alongside depth : -6.5m to -8m for ship which is under -6.5m draft.

 400m of quay length (Berth No7; No8; No9) , alongside depth: -9m for ship which is under  -8.3m draft.

Pier (53x5)m, for tankers with -4.2m draft, is reserved for tankers of less than 80m LOA.
Conventional Mooring Buoy (CMB) for tankers of 6m draft has been designed for tankers which is less than 110m LOA with -5.6m draft.
The deep draft tanker terminal for ships of -9.2m draft is based in Lat. 10o43'00N & Long. 103o31'800E.
PTT Tanker Jetty is based in Lat. 10o29'500N & Long. 103o36'620E and reserved for PTT products only.


Work Shifts:

PAS perform its daily operation 07 days a week and divided its work shifts as follows:

Administrative hours:
    - 08:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Operation hours:
  - First shift 8:00 AM - 04:00 PM
  - Second shift 4:00 PM -12:00 PM
  - Third shift 12:00 PM - 08:00 AM

PAS provides a 24-hour accurate container handling service for all container vessels and some other vessels that have specially contracted with the worldport. PAS can provide flexible equipment arrangement which is capable for fast and accurate lift on-lift off operations.

Lift On-Off Equipment:

  - Harbor mobile crane 64t 02 Units
  - RTG crane 40.6t 02 Units
  - Super stacker 45t 06 Units
  - Empty stacker 7.5t 02 Unit
  - Trailers 20' – 40' 17 Units
  - Shore cranes 10-50t 05 Units
  - Forklifts 5-25t 10 Units
  - Trucks 10-20t 10 Units


- PAS has 05 warehouses with the total area of 36,000 squre meters and total storage capacity up to 64,000 tons.

Open space area : 56,000squre meters with storage capacity up to 100,000 tons.

- Container yard : 96,000squre meters with storage capacity up to 7,500 TEUs.

- PAS can provide refrigerated storage for all Reefer Containers, except for grain and food storages in bulk.

TEL:Tel: 00855-34-390455 / 34-390456

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