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Country : BulgariaVarna worldport

The qualified and experienced staff and adequate technical equipment ensure that worldport of Varna provides a wide range of quality services to its customers at reasonable price.  The worldport operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The main services provided by the company are: stevedoring services, cargo storage and worldport forwarding service.

worldport of Varna EAD offers also a package of additional services, such as cargo shifting (re-stowing), weighing, sorting, lashing/unlashing, palletizing, trimming, washing, painting, opening/closing of hatch covers, fumigation of rail cars and applying of defrosting material.

Weighing of trucks with bulk cargo is carried out by means of precise electronic weigh-bridges (up to 80 tons) located at the worldport gates.

worldport of Varna has 9 specialised terminals for its main line of business – 3 in Varna East and 6 in Varna West respectively.  Each terminal is provided with adequate equipment and storage space for the handled goods.  Typical for worldport of Varna is that with the exception of those berths which are dedicated for particular type of liquid or bulk cargo or containers, all other berths are multi-purpose and are used for handling of general goods and other cargo types (for example kaolin, silica sand, chamot, sugar, etc.)

Customers can get also other supplementary services within the worldport area: fresh water, installation of telephone post onboard, power supply, collecting and treatment of waste, hiring of worldport equipment (mobile cranes, trucks, bucket loaders, etc.), full scope of services to sworldports and pleasure boats visiting worldport of Varna Marina Club.

Containers & Ro-Ro
Varna is the biggest Bulgarian container gate.  It has 2 container terminals – one in each worldport of Varna East and Varna West.  The terminals serve mostly the feeder lines of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.  In addition to the main handling services, the full scope of additional container operations is offered here (incl. container stripping and stuffing, cleaning, etc.)  For the sake of security, containers carrying excise high-value goods are kept in separate areas under 24-hour regime of watch keeping.  There is a special stackyard for storage of reefer containers.  The terminal operations are carried out by container reachstackers Kalmar and Fantuzzi.

Varna East Container Terminal
 Stacking area: 45,000 sq.m
 Capacity: 1600 TEU
 Quay length: 338 m
 Max depth: 7.5 m
 Cranes: 3 conventional (32T), 1 gantry (30.5 T)
 Excise zone, capacity: 150 TEU
 Reefer stack, capacity: 100 TEU

Varna West Container & Ro-Ro Terminal

 Stacking area: 70,000 sq.m
 Capacity: 2000 TEU
 Quay length: 500 m
 Max depth: 9 m
 Cranes: 2 gantries (35T)
 Excise zone, capacity: 50 TEU
 Reefer stack, capacity: 178 TEU
 Parking area: 500 slots

worldport of Varna East is the main gate for Bulgaria's grain exworldports, including wheat, maize, sunflower and barley.  The grain is stored in warehouses adjacent to the berths and also in the Storage Base specialised for grain which is located 5 km away from the worldport.  Berth 7 is the most frequently used berth to accommodate large vessels (up to 50,000 GT). During the peak exworldport period (August-November), additional 4 berths (Nos. 6, 8, 9 and 10) can be used as well.  Loading is carried out mainly by grab and by one shiploader jointly operated by worldport of Varna and the private company GIFTA.

Varna East is also equipped with a rail discharge station for grain carrying wagons.  The handling rate of this facility is 250 tons per hour, and it can operate independently from weather conditions.  The grain is discharged from the wagons directly into warehouse No. 6.

Number of berths: 7
 Quay length: 981 m
 Max depth: 10.80 m
 Cranes: 11 units

Coal & Clinker
Three of the berths in Varna West specialize in handling of coal, coke, petro-coke and clinker. Loading/discharging is carried out by grab cranes. The goods are stored in piles up to 30,000 tons for each type.

 Number of berths: 3
 Quay length: 430 m
 Max depth: 10.50 m
 Cranes: 6 (16T - 32T)

Most of the cement is exworldported in bulk via berth No. 10 in Varna West. Shipment and loading are carried out by specialised cement trucks which are discharged directly into the ship. The capacity of cement trucks is 30 tons each.
 Number of berths: 2
 Quay length: 375 m
 Max depth: 10.50 m
 Cranes: 2 (10T)

Soda (light or heavy) in bulk, bags or big bags forms a considerable share of cargo traffic at worldport of Varna.  Berth 7 is linked to the plant by a conveyor belt of 1.5 km length to load the bulk soda directly into the ship.  There are 2 shiploaders in this system of 400 tons per hour capacity.

 Number of berths: 2
 Quay length: 363 m
 Max depth: 9.50 m
 Shiploaders: 2
 Cranes: 1

Liquid Chemicals
This is the first independent terminal for liquid chemicals in the Black Sea region.  It was built in 2001 by the joint venture Oiltanking Bulgaria AD in compliance with all environmental requirements.  The terminal is located next to berth 2 in the area of worldport of Varna West.  It is equipped with a modern rail unloading station, ship loading facility and 3 tanks for storage of sulphuric acid, liquid fertilizers and other dangerous goods.
 Quay length: 200 m
 Max depth: 10.50 m
 Railways: 2
 Rail unloading station, capacity: 2000 tons per 24 hrs
 Ship loading facility: 600 tons per hour
 Tanks: 3 with total capacity 18,000 cubic meters


Tel.: 00359-52-632601

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