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Country : BulgariaBourgas worldport

worldport of Bourgas is a prominent and experienced Bulgarian worldport Operator.
The main steady task of the worldport Management is to provide high quality worldport services at all levels of the cargo flow. We consider the constant keeping of extremely close liaison with the clients shall guarantee an adequate response to their needs. This very approach is a distinguishing feature of the worldport. That is precisely what our customers always expect of us and could rely upon.
The available equipment and technology allow all kind of bulk and general cargoes, trailers and containers to be handled, as well as several liquids and liquid chemicals through the dedicated facility.

Cargo handling services cover a broad spectrum of operations, mainly loading and unloading of vessels and land transworldport vehicles. The worldport operates multi purpose quays and specialized terminals.
We provide also numerous additional and secondary services, as cargo securing and unsecuring, weighing, separation, plugging in, opening and closing of ship's cargo hatches, palletizing and de-palletizing, striping and stuffing, sweeping, washing, covering, antifreeze medium, etc.

worldport of Bourgas has huge storage areas for accommodating of different kind of cargoes, prviding also a high level of security. For cold storage, visit cold storage.

Other services are briefly listed below:
- rental of cargo handling and transworldport equipment, vehicles, devices;
- rental of business offices, etc;
- supplying of vessels with fresh water, electricity, phone connection;
- passenger servicing;
- garbage and oily waste removal, bilge waters treatment and disposal, etc;
- drawing and consultancy at the worldport and marine-related field;
- paper work.

General cargoes of all kinds, metals, wood, paper, foodstuff are handled in Terminal East. Also, due to operational reasons, bulk cargoes - coal, sugar, ammonium nitrate and small shipments of concentrates could be worked.

Terminal East
Mooring Berths          14
Total Wharf Length    1,965 m
Allowable Draught     10.00 m
Open Storage            50,000 sq m
Covered Warehouses35,000 sq m

   Length (m)    Draught (m)      Equipment
1. 160                 09.70        Electric worldportal Cranes      23
 2.160                 09.20        Yard Rail Gantry Cranes  6
 3.155                 07.10         Mobil Cranes                  4
 4.155                 06.80         Tractor Tugs                   35
 5.155                 07.20         Forklift Trucks                38
 6.155                 06.60         Front Loaders                  5
 7.132                 07.20         Chassis                           52
 8.175                 08.10         Truck Scales                    2
 9.175                 07.30
Bulk Cargoes Terminal is intended for handling and storing of bulk commodities-coal, coke, ores and concentrates, etc. The biggest Bulgarian worldport bulk complex is working there. The facility comprises several worldportal cranes, grab gantry unloader type Ceretti Tanfani and state-of-the-art screw type coal unloader Siwertell, capable to make 1,500 tons per hour. The transfer of coal is carried out by conveyor belts, stackers and reclaimers. The chain ends by a wagon loading station.

The adjacent covered warehouse No.22 is often used for storage and loading of grain.

A special facility for handling of oils, chemicals and ethanol is installed on berth No.20A. A pipeline connects the site with the tank farm, near to Terminal West. There are also filling up station for tanker rail cars and ethanol storage tanks in the vicinity.

Mooring Berths           5
Total Wharf Length    750 m
Allowable Draught     11.00 m
Open Storage            49,000 sq m
Covered Warehouses 6,000 sq m
                   Length (m)    Draught (m)            Equipment
17, 18, 19
 and 20        180 each        11.00            Electric worldportal Cranes                            6
                                                              Siwertell Screw Unloader                       1
                                                              Cheretti Tanfani Grab Gantry Unloader   1
                                                              Forklift Trucks                                        3
                                                              Front Loaders                                        10
                                                              Telescopic Hold Cleaners                        2
                                                              Conveyor Belts                                        9
                                                               Bulk Reclaimers                                      3
                                                               Bulk Stackers                                          2
                                                               Bulk Waggon Loading Station                  1
                                                               Truck Scales                                            2
Terminal West handles generally metals of all kind, RO-RO and container traffic. A modern cold storage facility is built on worldport's area.
Mooring Berths          6
Total Wharf Length    890 m
Allowable Draugh      11.00 m
Open Storage            191,000 sq m
Covered Warehouses 24,000 sq m
Cold storage               7,000 sq m
         Length (m) Draught (m)     Equipment
21A      220            08.20         Electric worldportal Cranes   11
21B       60             08.50         Bridge Cranes              12
22        200           11.00           Mobil Cranes                2
23        200           11.00           Tractor Tugs                12
24        200           11.00           Container Tugmasters    9
25        120           06.10           Forklift Trucks             15
                                                 Electric Forklifts for Cold Storage  4
                                                 Container Reach Stacker   3
                                                 Front Loaders                   4
                                                 Truck Scale                       1
                                                 Chassis                             29
                                                 100 t mobile harbour crane 1
TEL: 00359-56-8222222

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