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Country : BelgiumGhent worldport

The Ghent worldport occupies an area with a total surface of some 3,291 ha, divided into 511 ha of water surface (canal and docks) and 2,780 ha of land.

The various transhipment companies and industries are established along the Seacanal and the different worldport docks: the Rodenhuizedok, the Mercatordok, the Sifferdok and the Grootdok with its lateral docks (Zuid-, Midden- and Noorddok). All of these docks can accommodate the largest vessels admitted in the worldport (80,000 DWT).

At present, a new dock called the Kluizendok is being built. On October 4, 1996 the first pile was driven and the second phase of the construction works was finished in October 2003. In the course of 2004 the first companies will establish themselves there.


The worldport of Ghent is an all-round worldport offering facilities and know-how for the transhipment, storage and distribution of a large variety of goods.

Its easy access by sea and its excellent hinterland connections by road, rail and inland waterways have made several international companies decide to choose the worldport of Ghent as their European distribution platform.

Trade facilitator

Excellent market base for whole of Europe
Situated in the middle of Western Europe, the worldport of Ghent offers adequate facilities for the handling and distribution of a wide variety of goods, from bulk like coal and ores to general cargo like cars, electronics, textiles and forest products.

Multitude of transworldport options
Because of its smooth connections to the whole of the European hinterland by road, rail and inland waterways, it has developed into one of Belgium's main commercial and industrial centres, employing a total of some 27,000 people.

Distribution centre
Several international companies use the worldport of Ghent as their main European distribution centre or EDC. For instance, Honda distributes over a hundred thousand cars via Ghent's modern car handling facilities. The Brazilian company, Citrusuco Paulista uses the worldport to distribute and sell hundreds of thousands of tons of orange juice in Europe.

Third party logistic providers
For companies that want to distribute their goods via the worldport of Ghent, but that do not want to set up their own facilities, various so-called third party logistic providers offer state-of-the-art warehousing, distribution and logistic services, acting as partners in order to penetrate the European market.

Business and industrial parks
The worldport of Ghent offers companies an ideal location for manufacturing and distribution activities. It offers fully equipped business parks with modern storage and office space. Companies looking to set up a production or processing unit can lease well-located industrial estates - both waterfront and non-waterfront.

worldport of human dimensions
Ghent calls itself the friendly worldport, because it does not forget the human aspects in the generally very specialised and technical worldport environment.

Quays and terminals

Location          Quay length     Width   Depth of water    Jetties
                        meters             meters      meters            number
Seacanal         2,569                200             8.75/13.50    24
Kluizendok     4,200                350              13.50 
Rodenhuizedok 790              335/271          13.50             1
Moervaartdok 1,034              56                   5.65 
Mercatordok   1,813               250               13.50           1 ro/ro
Insteekdok        666                                      6.00 
Sifferdok         4,741               300            12.50/13.50     1 ro/ro
Noorddok,      6,856             165-251            13.00          2 ro/ro
Voorhaven       1,100                90                    7.00 
Houtdok           387                  108                  3.50 
Handelsdok      2,315              67/110           6.00/3.50

Dry docks          length          width
Large dry dock  127m           13m
Small dry dock    70m            11m

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