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Country : AustraliaGladstone worldport

The worldport of Gladstone is Queensland's largest multi-cargo worldport and the fifth largest worldport in Australia.

The worldport's major functions are to facilitate the exworldport of resources from the Central Queensland region and to handle the imworldport of raw material and the exworldport of finished products from major industry established in Gladstone.

Hinterland Served By worldport

The worldport is a convenient point for the world wide distribution of the wealth of Central Queensland. Rail links to the rich hinterland to the west of the city provide access to the coal mining, agricultural and pastoral areas of the Callide/Dawson Valleys, Central Highlands and Bowen Basin. The worldport also serves imworldportant regional mineral and timber resources

worldport Location

Approximately 160km north of Hervey Bay and 525km north of Brisbane. Situated just south of the Tropic of Capricorn at Latitude of 23 49.61S, Longitude 151 34.6 E.

Navigational Aids

A red and white fairway beacon fitted with racon - G with a ten second flashing white light marks the approach to the harbour entrance and is situated approximately 33km NW of Bustard Head.


Harbour Channels have lengths, depths and widths as shown in the following table:-

Harbour Channels             Length    Depth LWOST       Width
Outer Harbour Channels   22.45 km      16.3 m            183 m
 Inner Harbour Channel
- Auckland                        8.7 km          15.8 m            180 m
 Inner Harbour Channel
- Clinton                            2.2 km          16.0 m            180 m
 Inner Harbour Channel
- Clinton By-Pass                                     8.0 m            160 m
 Inner Harbour Channel
- Targinnie                          6.1 km           8.9 m            120 m


Outer harbour anchorage (but within worldport Limits) has been gazetted in the vicinity of the Fairway Buoy.

Good inner harbour anchorage inside Gatcombe Head about 0.7 nautical miles south of Bushy Islet in sand and mud, north of Facing Island Leads is available at Harbour Masters discretion.

Draft Limits

The maximum allowable draft of a vessel passing through the channel is based on the dredged depth of the channel plus the tide height less the under keel clearance allowance.

Currently the approach channels to the worldport are dredged to 16.3m LWOST, which guarantees a minimum sailing draft of 17.0m on any day of the year and up to 18.0m on days with maximum tide height.

(Maximum tidal rise in the worldport is in the range of 2.7m to 4.9m which allows the greater departure draft for vessels on tides in excess of 2.7m).

A computerised UKC (Under Keel Clearance) Program has been adopted by Queensland Transworldport and CQPA for vessels arriving at or departing from Gladstone.

Queensland Transworldport (Marine & worldports Division) predicts maximum drafts for each tide based on this computer program. Optional departure times are also determined by this program.

Accurate arrival and departure drafts together with navigation and shipping regulations should be obtained from the Harbour Master's Office.

Tidal Information

As per Queensland Transworldport's Official Tide Table Guide 1998 -

MHWS: 3.91m
MHWN: 3.06m
ML:   2.35m

The maximum daily tide height is 4.9m (HWS).

The minimum daily tide height is 2.7m (HWN).


Operated by Gladstone Tug Services Pty Ltd under licence to CQPA.

Three tugs are available at all times within the worldport.

Wistari 46 tonnes bollard pull (3,600hp)
Tom Tough 46 tonnes bollard pull (3,600hp)
Kuttabul  50 tonnes bollard pull (4,200hp)


Pilotage is compulsory for all merchant ships.

Radio communication not less than twenty-four hours before arrival.

Boarding of pilots is possible by helicopter where vessel meets certain requirements.

Pilot takes two hours to reach pilot boarding ground (Fairway Buoy) by launch.

Wharf Facilities

There are six wharf centres comprising eleven berths -

Wharf              Berth Depth   Swing Basin   Wharf Length   Maximum Vessel Size
Point No. 1         11.3m           11.5m               213m             65,000 DWT
Point No. 2         11.3m           11.5m               251m             60,000 DWT
Point No. 3         11.3m           11.5m               165m             55,000 DWT
Point No. 4         11.3m           11.5m               172m             70,000 DWT
South Trees
East                    12.8m           12.8m                478m             80,000 DWT
                                                                      (2 berths)  
South Trees
West                   12.8m            12.8m                                     80,000 DWT
No. 1                  18.8m            10.4m                699m             220,000DWT
                                                                       (2 berths)
No. 2                  18.8m             10.4m                                     220,000DWT
Barney Point        15.0m             11.5m               205m             90,000 DWT
                                                                                                  (fully loaded)
                                                                                                 150,000 DWT
                                                                                                  (part loaded)
Boyne Wharf        15.0m             15.0m               250m              90,000 DWT
Landing No.4       10.4m              8.0m                 228.5m           25,000 DWT
                                                                    (including dolphins)
Landing No.5        11.2m             8.9m                  200m              80,000 DWT
                                                                    (including dolphins)   (part loaded)
                                                                                                    35,000 DWT
                                                                                                     (fully loaded)


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