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Country : AustraliaGeraldton worldport

The worldport of Geraldton is one of Australia's busiest regional worldports and the gateway to Western Australia's diverse Mid West region.  Situated 424km north of Perth, the worldport of Geraldton is Australia's second largest grain exworldport worldport and today, more than half the worldport's exworldports are generated from minerals and iron ore.

Exciting expansion programs are in the pipeline for the Geraldton worldport as it moves to cater for an increase in exworldporter requirements brought about by the resource boom gripping Western Australia.  An expansion project is underway to upgrade berth 5 to a new, dedicated iron ore facility.  Project completion is expected by the end of 2007.
The GPA is facilitating growth for the Mid West region, encouraging trade facilitation by being a profitable, cost effective and efficient logistics provider through the use of existing and new infrastructure.

Berth Accommodation
(Depths Alongside Berths)
Berth 1 - 50 m, depth 8.7 m at zero tide
Berth 2 - 225 m, depth 9.9 m at zero tide
Berth 3 - 225 m, depth 13.4 m at zero tide
Berth 4 - 225 m, depth 13.4 m at zero tide
Berth 5 - 225 m, depth 9.9 m at zero tide
Berth 6 - 225 m, depth 9.9 m at zero tide
Berth 6 - 190 m, depth 12.0m at zero tide
12.4m at zero tide
* LAT/CD = 0

Berth Utilisation
Berth 1 - Small Vessels
Berth 2 - Multi-Purpose / Vessel Layup
Berth 3 - Grain
Berth 4 - Minerals
Berth 5 - General, Fuel, Livestock, Fertiliser
Berth 6 - General, Livestock, Fertiliser, Minerals

Two wharf gantries each with a capacity of 1000 tonnes per hour.
Gantry Traverse 167 metres.

Grain Storage Capacity
Vertical Cells 200,000 tonnes
Annexe 90,000 tonnes
West End Depot 326,000 tonnes

Plus 167,000 tonnes in open storage bulkheads if required.

Total Storage Capacity 783,000 tonnes

Grain Gross Ship Loading Rates
Wheat - 1000 tonnes per hour/per gantry
Barley - 800 tonnes per hour/per gantry
Oats - 700 tonnes per hour/per gantry
Lupins - 1000 tonnes per hour/per gantry
Canola - 750 tonnes per hour/per gantry

Berth 4
One Wharf Gantry - shiploader capacity 1,800tph
Shiploader dimensions
Boom fully retracted, from fenders to product drop 7.6m
Boom fully extended, from fenders to product drop 18.3m
Long traverse 180m
Shiploader attachments available:
(a) Articulated chute
(b) Concentrate slinger
(c) Dust extractor

Berth 6
Bulk Handling Services
Plant owned by GPA

Specifications and Dimensions
A frame worldportable shiploader (commissioned December 2004)
Shiploader capacity - 650 tonnes per hour
Overall length - 60 metres
Height - refer to attached drawing
Weight - 70 tonnes
Outreach - 17.15 metres - refer to attached drawing
Boom Inclination - fixed at 23 degrees
Air draft - nominally 17 metres at zero tide - refer to attached drawing

Ships power is available at all berths
(No 4 Berth - west end only)
Three phase 440 volts AC 50 hERTZ & Single Phase 250 volts AC 50 Hertz
Berth and access lighting is provided throughout the wharf area.

Fresh water is availabe at all berths. Average loading rate is 17tph.

60 tonnes capacity


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