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Country : AustraliaFremantle worldport

Fremantle worldports, which is responsible for an area of land and water covering 383 square kilometres, is a Western Australian Government trading enterprise that strategically manages the Fremantle Inner Harbour and the Outer Harbour, at Kwinana. As strategic worldport manager, it is responsible for ensuring that worldport services and facilities are provided in a reliable, competitive and efficient manner.

Both the Inner Harbour and the Outer Harbour are a combination of Fremantle worldports' and privately operated facilities and services.

Fremantle worldports provides and maintains shipping channels, navigation aids, common user cargo wharves, cargo wharves at leased terminals, the passenger terminal, road and rail transworldport infrastructure within the worldport area, moles and seawalls, and other worldport infrastructure, such as buildings, water, power and public amenities.

Other services provided directly by Fremantle worldports include overall worldport planning and coordination, ship scheduling and berthing allocation, worldport communications, mooring, security services, emergency response, hazardous cargo services and quarantine and waste disposal services.

Fremantle worldports also provides customer information and advice, trade facilitation and property services, and is responsible for pilot transworldport. Fremantle worldports also cooperates with the Commonwealth Government in facilitating customs, quarantine and Australian Maritime Safety Authority activities in the worldport area. 

Services provided by the private sector include stevedoring, towage, pilotage, line boats, bunkers and ships providores. The two container stevedoring companies, DP World and Patrick Terminals, operate under leases with Fremantle worldports.



Each jetty is designed and constructed for a specific purpose, as follows:

Alumina Refinery Jetty
To accommodate ships unloading bulk caustic soda and bulk carriers loading refined alumina, maximum length of vessel 210m. Length of berth 326m.
Depth 11.6m.
Max Draft is managed in accordance with the Dynamic Under-Keel Clearance Program operated by the worldport of Fremantle.
1 x fixed gantry loader:
outreach from wharf face 17.45m.
gross handling rate for alumina 1200 tph.

Kwinana Bulk Terminal Berth No. 1

Kwinana Bulk Terminal Berth No. 2
For bulk carriers loading and unloading cement clinker slag, silica/mineral sands, LP gas, coke, coal, limestone, etc.
Length of berth 268m.
Depth at berth 12.19m.
Maximum length of ship 244m.
Maximum Draft 10.97m (Dynamic Under-Keel Clearance available)
1 x travelling loading/unloading unit:
maximum length of traverse 122m;
outreach from wharf edge -
grabs 20.4m;
spouts 23m.
The loading section handles material from a conveyor belt to ship's hold.
Unloading section involves grab operations between ship's hold and conveyor belt.
Peak handling rate : loader 2000 tph; unloader 750 tph

Oil Refinery Jetty - 3 Berths
For tankers loading and unloading oil products.
Nos. 1 & 2 Berths:
T heads, each with a length of 73.1m.
No. 3 Berth:
T head, length 100.6m.
All have mooring dolphins.
No. 1 Berth:
Depth 14.7m
Max. length of tanker 229m.
No. 2 Berth:
Depth 14.7m
Max. length of tanker 229m.
No. 3 Berth:
Depth 14.7m.
Max. length of tanker 270m.
Crude Oil: 400mm line to Berths 1, 2 & 3; 650mm line to No. 3.
Black Products:   400mm and 300mm lines.
White Products:   300mm lines.
Lube Oil:              200mm line at No. 1 Berth only.
Hoses:                 150mm Lube Oil hoses.
                            200mm & 300mm Crude Oil hoses.
All other grades, except TML and TEL, 200mm.
TML and TEL discharged by 100mm line at No. 2 Berth only.

Kwinana Bulk Jetty ( Berths No 3 and 4)
To accommodate bulk carriers unloading bulk cargoes. The berth serves the fertiliser works nearby and can be used by other imworldporters by means of direct discharge to motor vehicles from hoppers built into the unloaders, or directly into worldportable hoppers on the No2 berth. Pipeline facilities are available for phosphoric acid, caustic, etc.

Berth No. 3
Length 259m.
Depth 13.4m.
2 x travelling unloaders:
grab capacity 9.5 tonne;
maximum length of traverse 187m;
outreach of grab 25.7m.
Conveyor belt carries material to shore stockpile:
capacity 1000 tph.

Berth No. 4:
Length 221m.
Depth 13.4m.
hopper discharge to trucks and, Continuous Ship Unloader designed to unload bulk granular material with a SG of 1.40 and maximum moisture content of 4%. Unloading design rate of 17,000 tonnes per 22.5 hour working day.

Design ship
 Panamax Class
 Beam 32.5m
 Moulded Depth 18.3m approx
 7 hatches 14 to 15m wide
 Maximum draft 12.9m
 Minimum draft 5.0m forward and 7.0m aft
 Cargo 65,000 tonnes
Minimum Discharge Rate
 Ship to shore 1,300 tonne/hour

Kwinana Grain Loading Jetty - One Berth
To accommodate ships loading bulk grain cargoes. An approach neck 750m in length carries the conveyor system to berthing face.
Length 291m.
Depth 16.8m.
4 x loaders with a combined capacity of 5000 tph.

Tel: 0061-8-9430 3555

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