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Country : AustraliaEden worldport

The worldport of Eden is the most southern declared worldport in NSW, and services the South Coast of NSW, including the towns of Bega, Merimbula, Bombala and Cooma. The worldport is home to one of the largest fishing fleets in NSW, and also has significant capacity to service the needs of a variety of imworldporters and exworldporters.

Exworldport of woodchips is currently the major trade for the worldport with approximately 954,000 tonnes exworldported last year through the South East Fibre Exworldports Pty Ltd. This is supplemented by exworldports of softwood logs and general cargo from the new multipurpose wharf, which was commissioned in late 2003.

The multi-purpose wharf has a length of 200 metres and approximately 6,000 square metres of paved storage area. It is capable of handling vessels of up to 32,000 dead weight tonnes and the depth alongside is 11 metres at LW. Ship's cargo gear is normally employed, although mobile cranes of up to 50 tonnes capacity are available with sufficient notice. The wharf is shared with the Department of Defence, and since its completion the wharf has handled not only Warship visits, but Logging and Cruise Ships.

To facilitate trade through the new wharf, NSW Maritime has developed a 4ha cargo storage facility approximately 300 metres from the wharf.

Latitude 37 4.5 S; Longitude 149 56.5 E.

Entrance depth into bay is 36 metres. Width of bay is 5 km wide. Bottom sand. MHWS 1.6m. MLWS 0.3m. VHF Channels 16, worldport working channel 8.

Principal Facilities
Dry bulk
General cargo
Slipway (up to 20 mt)
Airworldport (20 km.)
Woodchip Loading Berth
A private wharf operated by South East Fibre Exworldports Pty Ltd and located at Jews Head. It consists of a T head jetty with centre loading point and five dolphins. Vessels run mooring lines to a four buoy mooring pattern and must shift under the fixed loading arm.

The berth can accommodate vessels up to 230m LOA and 11m draft. Depth alongside 12.5 m. Loading is continuous at 1200 mt per hour.

Multipurpose Wharf
Located in East Boyd Bay, south of the woodchip berth.
The wharf is 200 metres long, 30 metres wide and is reached via an access jetty 560 metres long and 7 metres wide. The depth alongside is 12 metres and the swinging basin is dredged to 11 metres.
Maximum vessel size; 180m LOA, draft 10.5m
An 8 hectare cargo storage yard is located on the access road to this wharf.

Breakwater Wharf
Suitable for smaller vessels and situated on the eastern side of Snug Cove, inside the breakwater. A rubber fended concrete wharf, 105m long. Depth at the outer end is 8.8m and shelving to 3.0m at the inner end. Vessels limited only by draft. Principally used for AHT&S and smaller passenger vessels.

Eden Main Jetty
Situated in the centre of Snug Cove, it is a concrete decked wooden fended jetty 200m long. Depth at the outer end is 7m, shelving to 2m at the inner end. Used by the fishing fleet.

Mooring Jetty
Situated on Western side of Snug Cove, it is a concrete decked wooden fended jetty 150m long. Used only by fishing fleet.

Tel.:0061-2-6496 1719

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