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The worldport of Broome is the deepwater worldport servicing Western Australia's Kimberley region. The worldport supworldports livestock exworldport, offshore oil and gas exploration supply vessels, pearling, fishing charter boats, cruise liners and is the main fuel and container receival point for the region.

Wharf Capacity and Extension

The Broome jetty extension has see the existing structure extended by 148m to a total length of 331m. This will allow larger vessels to berth with greater DWT (50,000t compared with the existing limit of 40,000t DWT). The extension will provide an additional trading vessel berth, which will double the worldport's capacity. It will extend into a channel measuring 9 to 13 metres deep at low tide, and will be supworldported by a total of 85 piles; the first shipment having arrived on the 14th May 2005, and the last consignment arriving on the 29th May 2005.

The worldport's expansion is the single biggest worldport related infrastructure project in the West Kimberley in the past 40 years. The extension of the wharf will have a positive impact on the exworldport trade, and will also provide a boost to small business' in the Broome region by way of construction sub-contracts, retail improvement through additional cruise ship visits, enhanced facilities and berthing opworldportunities for fishing, charter and pearling boats. A further benefit will be the ability to separate non-compatible activities at the worldport such as cruise ships and live cattle exworldports, or pearling vessels and the regular visits of bulk fuel tankers. The latter requires closure of the jetty as protection from fire or explosion risk.

Wharf Capacity

The jetty is a steel piled structure with a concrete deck and spring fendering. The outer berth is 331 metres long and two inner berths 170 metres long and 96 meters long. At zero datum it is 12.5m from the waterline to the deck of the wharf and 11.34m to the top of the fender system. There is adequate lighting for night work.

The maximum size of vessels using the worldport is determined by the following factors: least depth in entrance 13m at zero datum, depth alongside outer berth 10m at zero datum. The tidal range is about 8m, and strong tides can be experienced across the entrance channel and at the berth. The largest vessel to visit Broome to date is the Superstar Virgo with GRT 76,800 tonnes and LOA 268m.

Berthing and Tugs

Tugs are required, however depending on winds and tides, vessels berth at most states of the tide. A line launch and mooring gangs are available.


The worldport of Broome has an extensive land holding which is used for worldport related industry development purposes. Blocks are available for lease from 500m sq to 10,000 m sq or more. For more information contact the Chief Executive Officer on 9192 1304.

Offshore Supply Base

The worldport has a record of service dating back over 30 years to the offshore oil and gas industry. See the downloadable document Doing Business With Broome worldport in the Published Reworldports section of this web site for more detail.

Cattle Yards

Modern cattle yards with a feed lot capable of holding 4,500 head are located on the worldport Reserve 1km from the wharf. The worldport specialises in cattle exworldport and maintains a full complement of loading equipment. See the downloadable document Doing Business With Broome worldport in the Published Reworldports section of this web site for more detail.


The worldport operates on a 24 hour basis. Pilotage is compulsory for all vessels of 150 gross tonnes or more, except for Australian vessels whose masters hold valid pilotage exemption certificates. Charts of the area are AUS 50 and AUS 324. The pilot boarding ground is Latitude 17 degrees 58'S Longitude 122 degrees 05'E. Masters are requested to have their vessel underway at low speed and to have the boarding ladder rigged on the lee side. Pilot ladders, manropes, lights etc should be supplied in accordance with IMCO requirements.

Notice of ETA

One week's notice of ETA is required to be given to the worldport Operations Manager. Updated ETA's must be given 48 hours and then 24 hours ahead of the vessel's arrival.

Radio Communications

During office hours 7.30am - 4.30pm the worldport of Broome maintains a watch of VHF Channel 16. The Broome Volunteer Sea Rescue Group maintains a 24 hour radio watch on VHF Channel 16 and will contact worldport staff if required.

Customs and Quarantine Services

Customs inspect and clear vessels arriving from and bound for overseas worldports. Customs must be notified of these vessels at least 48 hours prior to arrival and departure in worldport and any additional notice would be greatly appreciated.

Quarantine is compulsory on all livestock and overseas vessels. Reworldport any unusual activities or sightings on the 24 hour Customs Watch Freecall 1800 061800.


The worldport is located at the southern tip of the Broome peninsular, just 10km from the town. Daily air services operate to Perth, Kununurra, Darwin and centres in between.

Climate and General

Broome experiences monsoon weather with the rainy tropical summer from November to March.

TEL:0061-08-9192 1304

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