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Title: Capable to supply Rail Express to Central Asia and Europe
Category: Freight forwarder
Company: Ningbo Dingxin
Country: China
City: Ningbo
Under the OneBelt and Road scheme, the company is adapting to the market to provide the effient and rapid logistic solution. The company is majorly involving the central Asia Rail transport, Zhejiang-Lanzhou-Alataw - cetral Asia, including LCL and FCL, welcome to contact us for RFQ. There is suprise if the light goods are sent from North Ningbo. Central Europe rail Route: Xi'an to Hamburg, Ningbo(Shanghai) to Russia(Moscow), rail express 20 days, cargo space is sufficient, welcome to contact us for price & services.
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  • Credit:level3
  • Country/Region:China
  • Business Type: hg
  • Core Business:WIFFA is a freight forwarder network, World International Freight Forwarder Alliance, WIFFA was ini...
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