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john deere nozzle tips DN0SD6577 bosch injector nozzle cross reference

Sep 29, 2020

john deere nozzle tips DN0SD6577 bosch injector nozzle cross reference
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Brand Name:Diesel Parts
For Vehicle Brands/Model: Mitsubishi
Stamping No.: DLLA160P79
Range of application: Diesel Engine
Packing : iDEESEEL Beautiful Colour Package
Certificate: ISO9001
The higher pressure that the common rail technology makes available provides better fuel atomisation. To lower engine noise the engine's electronic control unit can inject a small amount of diesel just before the main injection event thus reducing its explosiveness and vibration as well as optimising injection timing and quantity for variations in fuel quality cold starting and so on. Some advanced common rail fuel systems perform as many as five injections per stroke.
Common rail engines require a very short to no heating-up time depending on the ambient temperature and produce lower engine noise and emissions than older systems.

Item Type Reference Stamping
Nozzle P common rail 093400-8640 DLLA145P864
Nozzle P common rail 093400-7150 DLLA157P715
Nozzle P common rail 0 433 175 449 DSLA128P1510
Nozzle P common rail 093400-8700 DLLA145P870
Nozzle P common rail 093400-1024 DLLA145P1024
Nozzle P common rail 095000-5601 DLLA158P844
Nozzle P common rail 105019-1540 DLLA154PN270
Nozzle P common rail 0 433 175 414 DSLA146P1409
Nozzle P common rail 0 433 175 271 DSLA143P970