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5.9 cummins injector nozzles G3S33 nozzles used in agriculture

Sep 16, 2020

5.9 cummins injector nozzles G3S33 nozzles used in agriculture
#5.9 cummins injector nozzles#
#nozzles used in agriculture#
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They are cam driven and injection pressure is proportional to engine speed. This typically means that the highest injection pressure can only be achieved at the highest engine speed and the maximum achievable injection pressure decreases as engine speed decreases. This relationship is true with all pumps even those used on common rail systems. With unit or distributor systems the injection pressure is tied to the instantaneous pressure of a single pumping event with no accumulator and thus the relationship is more prominent and troublesome.
They are limited in the number and timing of injection events that can be commanded during a single combustion event. While multiple injection events are possible with these older systems it is much more difficult and costly to achieve.
Item Type Reference Stamping
Nozzle P common rail 093400-8640 DLLA145P864
Nozzle P common rail 093400-7150 DLLA157P715
Nozzle P common rail 0 433 175 449 DSLA128P1510
Nozzle P common rail 093400-8700 DLLA145P870
Nozzle P common rail 093400-1024 DLLA145P1024
Nozzle P common rail 095000-5601 DLLA158P844
Nozzle P common rail 105019-1540 DLLA154PN270
Nozzle P common rail 0 433 175 414 DSLA146P1409