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Diesel Engine Injector Diagnosis CR1000 diesel common rail injector tester machine

Mar 4, 2020

Diesel Engine Injector Diagnosis CR1000 diesel common rail injector tester machine

China Lutong Parts Plant

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CR1000 can test nozzle spray pattern and injector back leakage to check the CR injector with either 
solenoid or piezo technol CR1000 the repair tester to simulate the engine Control Unit (ECU) driving 
signals for a common rail injector of either solenoid technology or piezo technology made by Bosch Delphi Denso and Siemens. The user is able to set the control parameters of fuel injection drive signals. 
By combining of a CR1000 tester and a high pressure fuel source which may be a mechanical manual 
pump or an electrical motor driven pump or a pneumatic driven pressure booster to feed the CR injector the user is able to fulfill the tasks such as nozzle spray pattern and injector back leakage to check the CR injector with either solenoid or piezo technology.

BOSCH 0445120 series for cummins :0 445 120 0070 445 120 059 0 445 120 1210 445 120 122
0 445 120 1230 445 120 1250 445 120 2120 445 120 2310 445 120 2360 445 120 2380 445 120 1060 445 120 1330 445 120 161.....

For quality and coverage China-Lutong is your aftermarket leader for Fuel Injection and Fuel Systems. China-Lutong offers full coverage for import and domestic vehicles with an unsurpassed range of premium quality fuel Injection and Fuel System components that meet or exceed OE. China-Lutong Injection Pump Head Rotor Kits are built in our Iso9001:2015 certified OE manufacturing plant where they undergo extensive testing to ensure precision quality enhanced performance and improved durability.

China-Lutong welcomes you to join us at the 126th Canton Fair 2019. China Import and Export Fair is the largest trade fair for imports and exports. We are pleased to welcome you to visit our booth (Stand: E10 in Hall 6.1) at Canton Fair 2019 Autumn exhibition.

Our main products include Head Rotor (VE Pump Parts) Injector Nozzle Common Rail Plunger/Element Injector Delivery Valve Control ValvesInjectors Cam Disk Repair KitsFeed Pump etc

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#Diesel Engine Injector Diagnosis CR1000 diesel common rail injector tester machine#
#Diesel Engine Injector Diagnosis#
#diesel common rail injector tester machine#
#Diesel Engine Injector Diagnosis &diesel common rail injector tester machine#

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