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Bosch EPS 708-Dieselpumpenprüfstand

Aug 20, 2019

Bosch EPS 708-Dieselpumpenprüfstand
Whatsapp:+86 133 5853 9802
Precise and comfortable

Electronic quantity measurement for cost-effective testing of Common Rail components electronic supply pressure control for pump and lubricating oil supply simple pump assembly without clutch cover
Intuitive user interface with touchscreen
Integrated database for saving test specifications and customer data
Environmentally friendly

Integrated cooling system reduces water consumption in the workshop (water-cooling available as an option)
Efficient work:

Electronic monitoring and display of service intervals
(e.g. test oil change) self-diagnosis system indicates necessary filter change
Integrated 2500-bar rail for new CR systems with higher rail pressure
Safe thanks to automatic protective equipment
Excellent economy through automatic test procedure
EPS 708 without cooling (400 V)