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1999 honda distributor rotor replacement

Aug 16, 2019

Step 1
Lift and properly support the hood on your CRV. Locate the battery and look for a small minus symbol on the top of the battery case that indicates the negative post. Remove the black cable connected to the post with a socket wrench. Wrap the terminal on the cable with black electrical tape and position the cable away from the battery.

Step 2
Follow the spark plug wires from the engine over to the distributor cap. You don’t have to remove the spark plug wires to do the repair. If you choose to remove the wires use correction fluid to number each of the spark plug wires then place the same number on the distributor cap next to the wire.

Step 3
Remove the bottom screw from the distributor cap first with a Phillips screwdriver. Place the screw in your pocket and then remove the top two screws from the cap.

Step 4
Pull the distributor cap off vertically if you removed the spark plug wires. If not lift the cap upward until it clears the rotor and pull it slightly to the right so that it’s out of the way. With the distributor cap removed the rotor will now be in plain sight.

Step 5
Remove the small screw from the side of the rotor with your Phillips screwdriver and pull the rotor off its shaft in an outward motion. Depending on where the rotor stopped the screw could be in a few awkward positions. Do not under any circumstances try to turn the rotor by hand. Use a smaller screwdriver if you have to.

Install the new distributor rotor on your Honda CRV by reversing all of the removal steps.

Inspect the seal around the distributor cap for damage. If the seal looks damaged replace it. Inspect the distributor cap as well for cracks and for carbon buildup on the contacts inside it. The distributor cap is a very inexpensive part but letting noticed damage go will only cost you more in the end.
Items you will need
Socket wrench set
Black electrical tape
Correction fluid
Phillips screwdriver