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alh tdi 11mm pump head 146406-0620 for

Jun 20, 2019

ISUZU hydraulic head VE 4/10 146400-5820 pump rotor assembly zexel ve injection pump parts

#ISUZU hydraulic head

ISUZU hydraulic head VE 4/10 pump rotor assembly zexel ve injection pump parts

#pump rotor assembly

#zexel ve injection pump parts

China Lutong Parts Plant is a manufacturer specialist diesel fuel injection system accessory.
We have strong technique power advanced equipment craft first class processing test equipment perfect quality assurance system and excellent after services.
China-Lutong VE-Type Injection Pump - Quality Oriented Keep Improving

With the 20 years of industrial manufacturing experience China Lutong Parts Plant own advanced technology standardized production processes and high service in the field of automotive fuel injection system. Therefore our products and services are highly recognized and accepted by the market. In recent years we are committed to the VE-type distribution pump's research and upgrading. VE pump has an irreplaceable advantage for diesel engine and electronic control VE pump for tractors forklifts other agricultural machinery and engineering machinery are more and more attention by the industry.

The Advantages of the VE Pump

1. Small Fewer parts and Light Weight.

2. Oil supply stable.

3. High-speed adaptability. Inline plunger fuel injection pump maximum speed is 2000r/min while the VE distribution pump can reach 3000r/min.

4. The VE pump's body is full of diesel with self-lubricating effect without regularly replacing the oil.

5. The control agencies of VE distribution pump have relative independence. According to the different needs of diesel engines combined into the corresponding control agencies.

6. VE distribution pump using solenoid valve control fuel off it is the operation of flexible and convenient.

7. VE distribution pump with anti-reverse function can prevent the diesel engine reverse.

8. VE pump in the diesel engine is on the installation of flexible horizontal vertical.

China Lutong Parts Plant enhance the technology of VE-type distribution pump making diesel engine's control high precision oil and timing dynamic response quickly while improving the efficiency and emissions needs. With the product of excellence focus and constantly improve our VE-pump assembly is better than other types of products with its easy maintenance good inheritance. The improved VE pump parts including Head Rotor Plug Solenoid Feed Pump Shaft Driver Roller Sets Cross and Cam Disk Repair Kits.

Advanced technology with high-precision equipment as well as professional and technical personnel team not only our VE pump assembly has a breakthrough achievement and other precision components of diesel engines such as common rail control valve assembly injectors diesel injector nozzle plunger and so on.

"Quality Oriented Keep Improving" it has been the development of our company's power and the pursuit of the direction.

With over 20 years of experience as a China manufacturer of Fuel system parts & components serving both Original Equipment Manufacturer and the After Market CHINA-LUTONG has always been committed to deliver only the highest quality products accompanied by outstanding service dedication to our customers worldwide. CHINA-LUTONG high precision engine components are manufactured using state-of-the-art proprietary technologies and synergized by the application of the finest materials available.

For more information or assistance please feel free to call me on (telephone) or contact by (email).
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