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Loading port : SHENZHEN
Discharge Port : ALEXANDRIA
Cargo Name : China Sea Freight Competitive Rates To ALEXANDRIA EGYPT
Quantity : 1×20'GP
Type : fcl
Cargo Level : General
Requirement : We look forward to your inquiry for Logistics service with detail information: • Name of Commodity : • Total Gross Weight of Commodity : • Total Volume of Commodity : • Port of loading (POL) : • Port of discharge (POD) : • FOB terms or EXW terms : • If need Customs clearance in destination : • If need delivery to door(DDU/DDP) : We'll offer you exact rate on the premise of these information! IF there is any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!  
Contact Person : Marissa Chou
Company : Shenzhen Kingstar Shipping Co., Ltd
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Shenzhen Kingstar Shipping Co., Ltd
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Shenzhen Kingstar Shipping Co., Ltd

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