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Country/City: China/Tianjin
Artificial Person: SwingLiu
Address: Rm2115,21/f,Guohua Plaza,No.857Dagunan Road,Hexi District,Tianjin,China
Industrial Classification: forwarder
Business scope: Main business service: The domestic land transportation international marine transportation warehousing with matches delivers goods a gene.The Tianjin Subsidiary company is this group northern region its subsidiary company. Hong Kong China world group organizes from 1994 to now, has devoted in the development the port marine transportation route, therefore deepened the cooperation with the boating company, obtained open sea of transportation charges and the seat on a ship the superiority, provided a more perfect service for the customer, present every year continued million ton goods traffic service, also continued in the development the port new route, various lane-route and the promotion service quality, obtained the professional high praise, becomes Chinese Freight transportation Proxy Company which Hong Kong was second to none, and obtained the domestic and foreign customer faith request ocean shipping work, developed unceasingly after many years, gets down, if the next three organizations devoted for the customer to provide the "one-stop" work style multiplication delivery service: China creates the international freight transportation proxy (Shanghai) Limited company - C.Y. CONTAINRE LINE (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. The group has set up many subsidiary companies in the East China South China northern region in order to help to provide the customer most superior service, the example: Ningbo, Dalian, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Guangxi Wuzhou and so on.
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