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Advantage :
Vessel Type : Others
Nationality : China
DWT : 1000000
Age: 10
Loading Port : Shenzhen
Open Date : 2013-08-16
Details : Hyun Young is a leading professional freight forwarder and logistics provider with offices/agents in all port of China. Hyun Young started freight forwarding operation at Shenzhen in 2004. Based at Shenzhen, our ambition have pushed us forward to expand to other cities. Now we have capacity of handing shipment to or from most ports of China. Holds while whole - heartedly achieves the best enterprise objective, With the great support of our global agency, we provide services to our customers through process-driven operation team, advanced information system, and strong management team. We seek no strongest only more specialized, senior. Your satisfied will be our maximal pride.
Contact Person : appow zhu
Company : Shenzhen Hyun Young International Transportation Co.,Tld
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Loading Port Open Date DWT Age Credibility Contact
Shenzhen 2013-08-16 1000000 10 s Send SMSContact details
Shenzhen 2007-12-14 2000 83 s Send SMSContact details
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