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Vessel Type : Others
Nationality : China
DWT : 77m
Age: 2012
Loading Port : China
Open Date : 2014-04-06
Details : 1 The Vessel is a multipurpose sea-going workship,which should obtain the following roles: (1) Offshore platform supply(bulk cargo, liquid mud, diesel, fresh water,drill water,drilling equipment and living goods,etc.); (2) Anchor handling; (3) Towing; (4) External fire fighting Classification The vessel shall acquire the following Class Notation by CCS: ★ CSA Offshore Tug / Supply Ship,Stand-By Ship, Fire Fighting Ship 1, Water Spraying,Ice Class B ★ CSM MCC,DP2 Principal technical parameters Length overall Loa 77.00m Length between perpendiculars Lpp 68.68m Breadth moulded B 18.00m Depth moulded D 7.50m Design draft T 6.20m Load capacity abt. 2500 t Main deck cargo area 650m2 Main deck unit load 10t/m2 Main deckcargo capacity 1400 t Ballast/drillingwater tank capacity 1966 m3 Fresh water tank capacity 1054m3 Dieseloiltankcapacity (including service fuel tank) 1320m3 Cement tank(bulkload)capacity 280 m3 Mud tank capacity 450 m3 Main engine continuous rating(MCR) 4000 kW×2 Rated speed 750 r/min Free trial speed 16 kn (draft 5.2m and 100%MCR) Endurance 8000 n mile Self-supplying capacity 30 days Maximum continuous bollard pull 1360 kN Main generator 800 kW×2 Shaft generator 1600kW×2 Emergency/Harbor generator 215 kW×1 Bowthruster unit 100 kN×2 Sternthruster unit 100 kN×1 Height between decks: Main deck to Upper deck 2.80 m Upper deck to Forecastle deck 2.80 m Forecastle deck to Captain deck 2.80 m Captain deck to Bridge deck 2.80 m Bridge deck to Compass deck 2.80 m Platform deck (from base line) 4.40 m Double bottom height 1.00 m Sheer: Sheer forward 0 Sheer aft 0 Camber: Main deck 0 Deck over Bridge deck 0
Contact Person : Simon
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China 2014-04-07 8000 2011 s Send SMSContact details
China 2014-04-06 3000ps 2012 s Send SMSContact details
China 2014-04-06 57000 2012 s Send SMSContact details
China 2014-04-06 3214 2012 s Send SMSContact details
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